Splash Mini Bar LLC introduced Splash Premium Mixers, a line of all-natural, low-calorie cocktail mixers. The mixers are designed to be blended one-to-one with spirits, the lineup is available in five flavors: Cosmopolitan, a blend of cranberry and citrus, traditionally mixed with vodka; Margarita, which combines citrus and organic blue agave and traditionally is mixed with tequila; Mojito, which offers a balanced combination of mint and lime, traditionally mixed with rum and topped with club soda; Moscow Mule/Dark ‘N Stormy, a classic blend of ginger and lime that is traditionally mixed with vodka to create a Moscow Mule, while a Dark ‘N Stormy is traditionally blended with rum; and Bay St. Ginger, a balance of ginger and pair, which the company suggests mixing with vodka, ginger or prosecco. Currently available in select markets, Splash Premium Mixers are set for nationwide distribution, the company says. The non-alcohol mixers are available in 5-ounce and 750-ml bottles that retail between $5.99 and $8.99, and $14.99 and $22.99, respectively. 

Splashes Mini Bar LLC, Sag Harbor, N.Y.
Internet: www.splashmixers.com
Distribution: Select markets