In response to the latest clean label market trends, TIC Gums has developed blends using the newest gellan technologies. Recent products developed for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage applications target texture, improve stability and provide cost-in-use savings while adhering to label restrictions, the company says. Ideal for formulators seeking a non-GMO option or organic-compliant option, hydrocolloids available for the beverage industry include Ticaloid Pro 148 OG, which stabilizes and suspends high-protein systems, increases shelf life and enhances mouth coating; Ticaloid Pro 159 OG, which provides stabilization specifically for dairy-based protein beverages by increasing mouth coating; and Ticaloid Pro 181 AG, which provides protein-beverage stabilization by emulsifying and stabilizing oils found in non-dairy milk alternatives, such as almond and cashew milk.

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