Ramsey, N.J.-based Cascadia Managing Brands, a food and beverage brand management and consulting firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with New York-based BeyondBrands, a new conscious products collective founded by Eric Schnell and Marci Zaroff. 

 “This alliance enables both companies the ability to assist our mutual food and beverage clients at every level and aspect of the business as well as internally securing second options to test our theories before launch,” said Bob Sipper, president of Cascadia Managing Brands, in a statement.

The combined roster of advisers, experts, and collaborative personnel, from which both companies can access, totals more than 70 experts and widens the ability of both firms to serve clients internationally.

“Going back almost 20 years, I had the pleasure of working directly with Bob Sipper on several of my own projects and we are always impressed with Cascadia’s professionalism and results-driven culture,” Schnell said. “We are very comfortable referring clients to each other as well as working collaboratively to provide the best team of resources for our clients’ needs.”

The two companies can perform all the tasks that startup food and beverage , middle market or multi-national companies need to perform at  less cost and with thorough knowledge,  including branding, product design and formulation, regulatory, sales, marketing and distribution strategy, fundraising support, and a senior level corporate culture and leadership counsel, the companies state.

 This “collective” can manage all key elements of food and beverage go-to-market models with a turnkey, efficient, effective and reliable outsourced model, they add.