Mighty Squirrel added a third beer style to its line — Mighty Squirrel Hopstonian — inspired by the hoppy India Pale Lager. The new beer is balanced with citrus, grapefruit, pine and bready notes and is complemented with a floral aroma, the company says. Mighty Squirrel's first two offerings, which launched in June 2015, include Mighty SquirrelOriginal and Mighty SquirrelLight, both craft beers contain 4 grams of protein while still maintaining comparable calorie, carb, and fat content.
The beer is available at more than 150 locations in and around Boston, including grocery stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants in both 12-ounce bottles, also available in six-packs, and draft.

Mighty Squirrel Hopstonian
Mighty Squirrel, Boston
Internet: www.mightysquirrel.com
Distribution: Select markets