Teavana, a division of Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee Co., released its first-ever line of wellness teas.

According to the Tea Council of the USA, which recently named Jan. 12 “National Hot Tea Day”, Americans consumed more than 80 billion servings of tea in 2014, and interest in the health benefits of tea continues to grow. Teavana’s line of seven loose-leaf wellness teas, which are available in more than 350 stores and online, www.teavana.com, is a way for people to support a healthy lifestyle, with blends like Purify, Defense and Rev Up, the company says.

“We know our customers are looking to incorporate health-and-wellness rituals into their everyday life, so this is the perfect time for Teavana to introduce a new line of wellness teas,” said Bernard Acoca, president of Teavana, in a statement. “Enjoying a flavorful cup of Rejuvenate tea in the morning or Serenity tea in the evening is something our customers can feel good about and a wellness ritual that is easy to sustain throughout the year.”

Naoko Tsunoda, director of tea development for Teavana added: “Our customers have been asking us for a line of wellness teas and often ask for suggestions on teas that can help them jump-start their morning or calm down at night. These high-quality teas, blended to create a delicious taste profile, make it easy for our customers to choose a tea that is right for them.”

Hand-blended and curated by the tea experts at Teavana, the new line of wellness teas are blended using the company’s carefully selected, young tea leaves and high-quality fruits and botanicals, the company says. The following are the seven new teas:

·         Defense: a blend of white tea, blackberry leaves and amaranth grain, plus 50 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C

·         Purify: a mix of white tea scented with jasmine and orange petals to promote hydration and an inner glow

·         Rev Up: a blend of second-flush Darjeeling black tea, green tea and high quality Chinese oolong with notes of peach, apricot and mango to help support a healthy metabolism

·         Serenity, a blend of chamomile, orange and rose petals that will help consumers unwind before bed

·         Rejuvenate: a blend of black tea and yerba maté to help invigorate

·         Recover: a detoxifying blend of green tea and mint, plus 50 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C

·         Comfort: a blend of ginger, spearmint and peppermint to help balance your being

“Taste is so important to Teavana that our wellness teas not only support a healthy lifestyle, but are expertly blended to taste delicious,” Tsunoda said. “Each tea offers layers of flavors, whether you prefer pure teas or the flavor profiles of floral, citrus or mint.”

Teavana’s wellness teas arrive in stores as more customers are turning to tea as a way to support a healthy lifestyle, the company says. Teavana’s line of USDA Certified Organic Imperial Grade Matcha, which provides catechins and antioxidants from vitamins A and C, has shown double-digit sales growth in the last year, it adds citing Chicago-based Nielsen data. In addition to offering Imperial Grade Matcha in 40- and 80-gram tins, Teavana recently launched new organic Matcha Singles, which instantly can be brewed by adding hot or cold water, for customers on the go.