Tröegs Independent Brewing revealed new art for its handcrafted beers. The hand-drawn artwork was a collaboration between co-owners Chris and John Trogner and designer Lindsey Tweed. The trio worked closely together to create the new look, which includes reimagining some of the brewery’s most iconic figures like the Tröegenator, it says. The new designs are reminiscent of the artwork that Tröegs fans know and love, but better reflect the brewery’s independence and personality, the company says. The new art includes signature elements like the new die-cut Tröegs logo on the bottle and “Handcrafted by the Tröegs Brothers” on the neck. The new artwork and packaging is available at the brewery and in retail stores. “The art shows our love of the process and — most importantly — our love of beer,” said John Trogner, brewmaster and co-owner of Tröegs Independent Brewing, in a statement. “The simple logos and hand-drawn fonts capture how we brew, and the artwork conveys what’s inside the bottle.”