Street art inspiration

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water released its newest line of limited-edition packaging designs for the second installment of the brand’s “Inspired by Street Art” collection. Perrier’s signature bottles and slim cans now feature original artwork created by contemporary French artist L’Atlas. The unveiling of this limited-edition collection is just the beginning of an alliance between L’Atlas and Perrier. Throughout fall 2015, they will create a series of art installations, the company says. The Perrier Street Art limited-edition collection is available for purchase through most major retailers. The artwork is featured on the 750, 330- and 200-ml glass bottles; the recyclable PET bottles are available in 1-liter and half-liter sizes; and 250-ml slim cans in Original and all-natural flavors including Pink Grapefruit and Lime.


Mid-century celebration

This month, Chappellet released its 2012 Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. With the release of this limited-production, collectible, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Chappellet unveiled new packaging to reflect the quality of this highly acclaimed wine and the Chappellet family’s three generations of history on Pritchard Hill, the company says. Designed by Daryl Jones, founding partner and creative director of JonesBecker, the new packaging takes its aesthetic inspiration from the distinctive high-mountain, rocky landscape of Pritchard Hill. In keeping with the Chappellet family’s commitment to environmental stewardship, the packaging features a wood box made from sustainable beetle kill pine, it explains. The silver striations of the beetle kill pine also are a subtle reference to the rugged terrain of Pritchard Hill, it adds. Inside the box, each bottle is wrapped in tissue printed with the original cartographer’s survey notes of Pritchard Hill from the 1800s. The new packaging also includes a booklet detailing the history of Pritchard Hill and Chappellet, with an array of black and white photography. “Our goal was to create a package that captures the essence of our family-run winery in a way that is both contemporary and timeless,” winery Chairman Cyril Chappellet said in a statement. “Starting with my parents, Donn and Molly, three generations of our family have made their home here on Pritchard Hill. As we approach our 50th anniversary as a winery, finding the balance between honoring tradition and embracing modernity has helped to define Chappellet. This new packaging is an extension of this ideal.”


Compact solution

Suero Oral added a beverage concentrate packaging size to its portfolio of functional beverages, which already contains 1-liter and 500-ml bottles. The functional beverage, which replenishes the body’s fluids lost through exertion, fever or vomiting due to illness, remains popular as a traditional medicine for children as well as agricultural and construction workers, the company notes. However, research found that athletes and exercise enthusiasts also are turning to the brand, it adds. “We have seen this category of packaging explode into the beverage market in the past three years,” said Chief Operating Officer Marc Perez in a statement. “We were initially concerned that we would be cannibalizing our larger package sales by introducing this new type of packaging, but our market research indicated that the concentrate package would have a strong appeal to our new category of younger mobile customers without significantly affecting our existing customer base.” The company worked with TricorBraun to develop the new 2-ounce package. From the concentrate bottle designs that TricorBraun created, Suero Oral chose a fluid, subtly asymmetrical two-ounce squeeze bottle with a flip-top closure for its convenient size and dispensing functionality, it says. Each bottle is decorated with a full-body shrink-sleeve label carrying an image that reflects the image on the larger bottle of the product.


Artistic design

Evian partnered with fashion designer Alexander Wang to unveil evian’s limited-edition bottle, which features Wang’s signature barcode logo on two contrasting bottles — one in black and one in white. The purity of evian water is emphasized through clean graphics and highlighted by the play of the lines on the bottles, the company says. Inspired by the purity of evian water, Wang used his logo in a new context on its glass bottle. The design is clean, simple and interacts with the dynamic reflections of water as a natural element, it adds. “In my approach to design, I have always had an un-precious outlook, focusing on the pieces that people wear every day, then tweaking them and elevating them to give a distinct point of view,” Wang said in a statement. “Evian water is something that is truly ‘every day’ yet precious by design. We used linear and strong graphics to give the brand’s iconic bottle our sensibility, and to create a new take on it.”