Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. launched three Absinthe variations made with vapor distilled lavender petals, citrus peels and freshly chopped ginger. The new varietals are hand-crafted with classic absinthe botanicals, including macerated grande wormwood, fennel, anis, licorice root and hyssop. Copper & Kings Vapor Distilled Ginger, Lavender and Citrus Absinthes are available in select markets servicing superior mixology-centric bars and high-end liquor stores in 10 states in the South and Midwest currently under distribution. Each of the new absinthes is 65 percent alcohol by volume with a suggested retail price of $60 per 750-ml bottle.

Copper & Kings Vapor Distilled Absinthe
Copper & Kings American Brandy Co., Louisville, Ky.
: 502/561-0267
Distribution: Select markets