Consumer appetite for great-tasting, better-for-you products, is re-framing the types of items that make their way into today’s grocery store shopping cart. DSM Nutritional Products Inc., Parsippany, N.J., is at the forefront of seizing this opportunity by providing custom nutrient-rich, functional solutions that deliver on innovation with a broad appeal to this evolving consumer who is increasingly looking for ‘everyday foods’ for health and wellness, the company says. During IFT, DSM announced that visitors to its booth (2839) will be able to see, taste and touch over 60 product prototypes, which were designed to meet consumer’s evolving preferences.


Among the beverage concepts taking center stage during the show are:


• Fortified market-ready powdered beverages, a beauty-from-within drink and a liquid stick pack from Fortitech Premixes, DSM’s custom nutrient premix service
• Mac and cheese, colored with a proprietary carotenoid blend and a delicious sparkling citrus beverage, colored with new clear carotenoids. The product display will highlight pre-commercial Canthaxanthin RVI, a nature-identical purple solution for dairy, confectionery and beverage products.
• Premier tasting of our fermented Stevia in several beverage applications. These tastings can be arranged by registering via
• Clarified apple juice enhanced with DSM's life's DHA clear omega-3 emulsion. This shelf-stable beverage contains 32mg of DHA without any fishy taste or added turbidity.

Other concepts featured will include:


• Greek-style yogurt, utilizing various next generation cultures from our ‘Greek Legends’ toolbox, that support product differentiation in taste, texture and appearance, all of which are well maintained throughout shelf life.
• A breakfast biscuit, utilizing Oatwell oat beta-glucan, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol as part of a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat.
• Savory applications, including traditional and ethnic snacks and meals, featuring sodium reduction, label simplification, flavor enhancement and taste indulgence strategies.