The Chicago-based Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is bringing its annual meeting and food expo back home to the Windy City this year to showcase the latest developments, the hottest trends and the newest products within the food and beverage space in Chicago’s McCormick Place July 11-14.

IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation will kick off on July 11 with an awards celebration and welcome reception at Chicago’s Field Museum to honor achievements in food science and provide networking opportunities for industry professionals.

This year, the company also added two panel discussions, which is a new educational format for the show. The “Women in Food Science Business Panel” on July 12 will explore the changing roles of women in the food industry while celebrating the accomplishments of women in food science, and the July 14 “CEO Panel: Is Big Food, Bad Food?” featuring Javed Ahmend of Decatur, Ill.-based Tate & Lyle, among others, will discuss and debate questions that impact the global food system.

Throughout the event, other general sessions and presentations by featured speakers will give attendees a chance to delve deeper into food science topics. On July 13, futurist and author Mike Walsh will share emerging trends and technologies, as well as shifts in consumer behavior, and explain how these disruptive changes are likely to impact the food industry. On the last day of the show, July 14, the “FutureFood 2050: The Art of Producing a Science-Based Documentary” presentation will give attendees insight into the making of IFT’s new documentary film, “Food Evolution.”

In addition to these general sessions and lectures, IFT 2015’s scientific and applied education sessions will address hot topics in food safety, product development, food health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and novel processing and packaging. More than
80 educational sessions and 1,000 poster presentations will provide information on the latest developments and trends in food science.

On the show floor, which is open July 12-14, more than 1,200 companies will exhibit food and beverage ingredients, equipment and packaging solutions in line with the latest trends and developments in food science.

For more information about IFT 2015 or to register for the event, visit



19535 E. Walnut Dr. South,

City of Industry, Calif. 91748


IFT Booth No. 3209


AIDP introduces PreticX, a new prebiotic ingredient with strong clinical data linking it to improved healthy microflora. Prebiotics are food ingredients that help support growth of probiotic bacteria. In effect, they are nutrients that serve as a “fertilizer” for the beneficial bacteria that already exist in the gut, according to the company. PreticX is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration generally recognized as safe ingredient requiring a low efficacious dose and is highly stable, easy to use and slightly sweet. The ingredient also is suitable for multiple food and beverage applications, the company says. AIDP also offers a wide range of plant-based proteins, including Advantein, a proprietary blend of rice and pea proteins providing a complete amino acid profile; Gabiotein and RisaPro, the company’s sprouted brown rice proteins in organic and nonorganic forms; and PeasiPro, a pea protein available in organic and non-organic forms. All products are available in beverage and bulk mesh sizes.


BI Nutraceuticals

2550 El Presidio St.

Long Beach, CA 90810


IFT Booth No. 1053


BI Nutraceuticals can help add functionality and value to beverages with its ingredients that range from botanical fibers that can be used as viscosity modifiers to fruit and vegetable powders that add natural health benefits to smoothies, juices and powdered drinks. BI conducts extensive species identification and quality testing on every ingredient so that manufacturers can be assured each one meets clean-label claims, the company says. With more than 200 generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredients available, there’s no limit to what BI can do to boost the healthful properties of beverages, it says. Additionally, BI has developed a comprehensive database of its GRAS ingredients and has segmented them into 12 condition-specific, functional platforms, allowing beverage manufacturers to quickly and easily locate specific ingredients appropriate for new product development.



7905 Quivira Road

Lenexa, Kansas 66215


IFT Booth No. 1221


Corbion’s Nutrivan line of vitamin and mineral premixes fortify a wide range of beverages, including juices, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Its premixes are completely customizable, allowing beverage-makers to create truly unique products that deliver what they promise.


Dairy Farmers of America

800 W. Tampa St.

Springfield, Mo. 65802


IFT Booth No. 3806


As a vertically integrated dairy cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is one of the country’s most diversified manufacturers of dairy products, food components and ingredients and is a leader in formulating and packaging shelf-stable dairy beverages, according to the company. The cooperative’s beverage and dairy foods division works closely with some of the nation’s most recognizable brands to develop, test and produce a broad range of products, it says. Its plants utilize state-of-the-art retort technology to make shelf-stable consumer beverages, including coffee-based dairy beverages; nutritional, energy, weight-loss and protein shakes; and coconut water, with up to 18 months of shelf life, it notes. DFA’s flexible manufacturing capabilities also enable it to produce shelf-stable products in steel, aluminum and glass packaging. These packaging capabilities span four-, six-, 12- and 24-packs to meet diverse customer specifications, it says. For more information about DFA and its contract manufacturing capabilities, visit or call 417/829-2510.


DuPont Nutrition & Health

4 New Century Parkway,

New Century, Kansas 66031


IFT Booth No. Not exhibiting


When beverage-makers choose DuPont Danisco functional and fortification ingredients for beverages, they get an experienced product development partner who can provide them with innovation support from ideation to commercialization, the company says. Understanding which beverage ingredients to use when, based on how they perform in different environments, is essential to success, it notes. What customers can expect from DuPont Nutrition & Health is proven value-added beverage ingredients backed by world-class service, science and expertise, it says. The uncommon depth and breadth of its ingredient portfolio, as well as its extensive application knowledge of their use, is unsurpassed in the beverage sector, it notes. Its beverage applications extend to juice-based beverages and drinks, ready-to-drink and blended protein beverages, coffee- and tea-based milk beverages, non-dairy milk alternatives, fortified or functional beverages, flavored milk-based drinks, and fermented and yogurt beverages.



Fortitech Premixes by DSM

2105 Technology Drive

Schenectady, N.Y. 12308


IFT Booth No. 2839


Fortitech Premixes by DSM is a one-stop source for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to fortification as a way to differentiate their products from the competition, as well as helping meet the nutritional needs of consumers around the world, the company says. Maintaining Food Safety System Certification 22000 globally, the company has the ability to custom formulate any application with any nutrient anywhere in the world. During IFT 2015, Fortitech Premixes by DSM will be showcasing a variety of functional beverages. For information about its market-ready powdered beverage service, visit


Glanbia Nutritionals

2840 Loker Ave. East

Carlsbad, Calif. 92010


IFT Booth No. 2331


Glanbia Nutritionals is a global leader in innovative, clinically-driven specialty ingredient solutions, providing custom nutrient premixes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, specialty ingredients and colors for the food, beverage and supplement industries, the company says. Combined with extensive expertise in formulating and manufacturing precision premixes, Glanbia Nutritionals is a complete fortification partner uniquely positioned to support the needs of fast-moving nutrition companies, it says. As a global performance nutrition and ingredients group, Glanbia holds the leading market positions in cheese; dairy ingredients, including whey and other protein isolates; and specialty non-dairy ingredients and is the No. 1 global brand leader in sports nutrition, it adds.


Gold Coast Ingredients

2429 Yates Ave.

Commerce, Calif. 90040


IFT Booth No. 2614


Gold Coast Ingredients (GCI) is a privately held and operated wholesale flavor and color manufacturer that has been satisfying taste since 1985. The Global Food Safety Initiative- and American Institute of Baking-certified company is capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverage to animal treats and oral care. It also offers organic, natural, non-genetically-modified-organism allergen-free and clean-label flavors that take the most delicious ideas and translate them into a universal language for the world to enjoy, the company says. Its flavors are available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions to be compatible with any product requirements. GCI also supplies custom, Quality Assurance International certified organic, Islamic Services of America certified halal, and Orthodox Union or KOF-K certified kosher flavors upon request. Its current manufacturing facility is located in Commerce, Calif., but it also has distribution facilities throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia.



Hilmar Ingredients

8901 N. Lander Ave.

Hilmar, Calif. 95324


IFT Booth No. 3744


Hilmar Ingredients delivers the promise of dairy through whey protein and lactose, powerhouse ingredients for nutrition and function, the company says. For products like exercise recovery beverages and vegetarian products, the company’s whey proteins provide flexible fortification including heat and acid stability, clarity and dispersibility. At IFT 2015, Hilmar Ingredients will offer samples of three concept beverages: a Chocolate Recovery Drink for muscle recovery based on Hilmar 8800 alpha-lactalbumin-enriched whey protein concentrate (WPC) and its critical branched-chain amino acids; a Vanilla Chai Whey+Oat Shake with a blend of whey protein isolate and WPC, providing a complete protein source complemented by beneficial oat fiber; and a Chocolate Coconut Water Shake with whey protein hydrolysate and WPC to help consumers, including vegetarians, reach their daily protein recommendations.


MicroThermics Inc.

3216-B Wellington Court,

Raleigh, N.C. 27615


IFT Booth No. 1038


MicroThermics’ lab and small-scale ultra-high temperature, high-temperature/short-time and aseptic processors provide easy, affordable process accuracy, the company says. Food Safety Modernization Act compliance requirements are coming for labs producing food samples in October, so it is more important than ever to simulate all production processes, including thermal, record-keeping, operation, cleaning, etc. The company’s equipment, support services and process-matching technology ensure the processes used in its customers’ labs are the same as in the customers’ plants, it says. That’s why companies around the world, both large and small, use MicroThermics for development of juices, nutraceuticals, dairy beverages, soymilk, yogurts, pudding and more, it says. The company offers tubular, plate, steam-injection and microwave processors that can be combined with a variety of other options including in-line homogenizers, custom hold tubes, ultra-clean fill hoods, and a wide range of other customizations, it adds.


Mother Murphy’s Laboratories

2826 South Elm St.

Greensboro, N.C. 27406


IFT Booth No. Not exhibiting


Mother Murphy’s Laboratories is a privately owned
flavor manufacturer with more than
65 years of experience. From its Greensboro headquarters to its Dallas baking facility, the company offers state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the quality of its flavors meet its customers’ every expectation. Mother Murphy’s produces flavorings and extracts for the bakery, beverage, cereal and grain, confectionary, dairy, nutraceutical, pet food, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. Flavors are available as emulsions, extracts, liquids, oleoresins or powders or in reaction or spray-dried forms.


Synergy Flavors Inc.

1500 Synergy Drive

Wauconda, Ill. 60084


IFT Booth No. 531


Synergy Flavors is a leading international supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry. With more than 130 years of flavoring expertise, Synergy combines a long heritage of flavor development with proprietary extraction technology, blending art and science to create an exceptional array of tastes, the company says. Synergy’s passion for flavor is exhibited by the state-of-the-art processing for its Synergy Pure product line. Its broad portfolio of botanical, herbal, vegetable, tea, coffee and pure vanilla essences and extracts effectively maximizes the natural flavor impressions of horticultural products by delivering only the freshest, highest-impact tastes consumers would expect from nature, it says. Synergy also is making advancements in the sports nutrition market through research and collaboration with parent company Carbery, a leading innovator in the manufacture of whey protein. The collective knowledge and capabilities provide formulators with an unrivaled ability to develop nutritional bars, beverages and powders that strike the perfect balance of exceptional taste and performance, it says.


Virginia Dare Extract Co. Inc.

882 Third Ave., 7th Floor

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232


IFT Booth No. 1226


 Virginia Dare, a long-time established flavor and extract manufacturer, is well known for its vanilla, tea and coffee products, flavor-masking abilities, and innovative flavors. Virginia Dare creates and supplies the highest-quality cost-effective liquid and dry flavors for the beverage, food, dairy, sweet goods, and health and wellness industries. At IFT 2015, Virginia Dare will showcase its newest flavor creations in beverage and health and wellness product concepts, which are based on the company’s latest consumer insights research: “Today’s Trends …Tomorrow’s Great Tastes.” Featured products also will capture growing consumer interests in clean-label, free-from, transparent, ethical and sustainably sourced, and healthy and natural foods and beverages.