Zebra Technologies Corp., Lincolnshire, Ill.,launched Mobility DNA today. Mobility DNA is a set of enterprise mobility software solutions that drives greater efficiencies and productivity for businesses, mobile workers and channel partners, the company says. Zebra also announced two new touch computers that expand the industry’s broadest portfolio of enterprise-class Android mobile computers.


The Mobility DNA suite is a comprehensive collection of innovative applications, effortless application development tools and robust administration utilities for Zebra mobile computers that allows partners and businesses to maximize the return on investment of their mobile deployments while minimizing complexity, risk and capital expenses, the company says. New solutions to the Mobility DNA suite include: SimulScan Document Capture, Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Pro, AppGallery, Swipe Assist and All-Touch Terminal Emulation. Previously announced tools such as RhoMobile, Mobility Extensions, Enterprise Browser and Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit for Android are also part of the Mobility DNA suite, which enables businesses to leverage the simplicity of consumer smartphone platforms without sacrificing critical data functionality and security, it says.


“Zebra is committed to end-to-end mobility solutions that enable our customers to run their operations reliably and deliver results where consumer-grade solutions simply fail. The TC75 and TC55 mobile computers along with our Mobility DNA suite were developed to help businesses accelerate the adoption of their mobility solutions, improve productivity and operational agility and unlock true enterprise asset intelligence,” said Joe White, vice president of enterprise mobile computing for Zebra Technologies, in a statement. Features include the following:


App Gallery

·         App Gallery is an enterprise mobile app marketplace that allows organizations to efficiently manage and control the use and deployment of mobile apps on Zebra’s Android-based mobile computers. It can also help reduce demands on IT staff by significantly decreasing issues caused by unauthorized app installations and minimizing errors with incorrect versions or configurations.

·         Approved third-party developers can distribute their own enterprise apps through the App Gallery allowing Zebra’s ecosystem of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers to easily and efficiently promote, distribute and update their offerings.


SimulScan Document Capture

·         With the push of a single button, SimulScan Document Capture can simultaneously capture multiple bar codes, high-resolution photos, signatures, and even automatically populate standardized forms - significantly streamlining business operations, improving customer service and providing better real-time business intelligence. 

·         SimulScan is ideal for field service, T&L and manufacturing applications that expedite the flow of information and require error-free transcription.


Workforce Connect PTT Pro

·         Workforce Connect empowers mobile workers with a suite of productivity tools designed to improve workflow efficiencies across multiple industries and has now been enhanced with the addition of Workforce Connect PTT Pro.

·         This new network and device-agnostic voice solution integrates VoIP telephony, PTT and Enterprise Messaging under a single mobile user experience which will improve the way workers interact and collaborate.


Swipe Assist

·         Zebra’s new Swipe Assist provides a virtual on-screen trigger, helping mobile workers using Zebra’s all-touch, Android-based mobile devices more easily access data capture functionality in difficult scanning situations.


All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE):

·         All-Touch TE is optimized for Android all-touch applications and eliminates the need for repetitive and frequent keyboard entries.

 ·         By pulling data directly from existing legacy TE data streams and automatically transposing it into modern all-touch user navigation, menus and on screen buttons, All-Touch TE can improve work productivity and accuracy.