AIDP Inc., City of Industry, Calif., highlighted its Magtein magnesium-based super-mineral ingredient, which has been shown to support cognitive functions and brain health, at Engredea, which took place March 6-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif. It also highlighted its energy and protein ingredients.


At Engredea, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Decatur, Ill., offered samples of a Black Raspberry Mint Smoothie to showcase its natural flavors and colors in an indulgent beverage, a Natural Marion Blackberry-flavored beverage and Natural Clementine-flavored beverage to promote its natural colors and varietal flavors, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Recovery Supplement to showcase its TCM recovery blend.


Seattle-based Aloecorp discussed at Engredea its portfolio of high-quality aloe ingredients and its usage in consumer packaged goods.


At Engredea, Bioenergy Life Science Inc., Ham Lake, Minn., featured its Bioenergy Ribose energy ingredient, which has been proven to energize muscles, increase performance and speed athletic recovery, the company says. At its booth, Bioenergy Life Science also highlighted its brand ambassador partnership with American Nordic combined skier Billy Demong.


Blue California, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., focused on its L-Tea Active natural L-theanine 98 percent ingredient at Engredea. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredient induces relaxation but also boosts mental clarity, focus, concentration and productivity, the company says. Plus, the water-soluble ingredient does not add taste, color or odor to a beverage, it adds.


Cargill Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., introduced its IngreVita High Oleic Sunflower and EPA/DHA Omega-3 Oil at Engredea. The non-GMO ingredient can be used to add EPA and DHA to beverages containing fat in their formulations and is an extension of the original IngreVita ingredient with canola oil that Cargill launched last year. It also highlighted its ViaTech stevia sweetener, noting that the company has found in its market research that parents prefer products that contain a blend of sugar and stevia than just sugar alone. In addition, it announced that its Zerose erythritol ingredient has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority for use in beverages in Europe.


Louisville, Ky.-based D. D. Williamson highlighted its portfolio of natural colors, especially its natural brown colors, at Engredea. The company launched in February Caramelized Tomato ingredients and in September 2014 a Caramelized Garlic ingredient to offer natural brown colors for vegetable juices.


At Engredea, DSM Nutritional Products, Parsippany, N.J., offered samples of prototype multi-nutrient drinks for men and women with Fortitech premixes and natural colors and flavors, an enhanced water with its life’sDHA omega-3 ingredient from algae, and a prototype beverage featuring its Fruitflow ingredient that helps maintain blood flow.


FutureCeuticals, Momence, Ill., featured at Engredea its Coffeeberry coffee fruit extract, which increases plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the body, and its FutureCeuticals “ID Verified” program, through which it conducts ID testing on all of its ingredients and then creates identities for any blends it creates from those ingredients in order to help beverage-makers meet current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) standards.


Ganeden Biotech Inc., Mayfield Heights, Ohio, highlighted at Engredea its role in new product launches promoted at the co-located Natural Products Expo West, including products from Karma Wellness Water, Suja Juice, Uncle Matt’s Organic and Yogi Tea. It also demonstrated its new telescoping GanedenBC30 LifeTop Probiotic Straw, which delivers a daily dose of probiotics as a drink is consumed through the straw. The product is available to beverage companies who want to add a probiotic benefit to their refrigerated and shelf-stable milk or juice boxes, pouches and bottles.


Glanbia Nutritionals, Fitchburg, Wis., discussed at Engredea its expertise in custom nutrient premixes and ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix formulations for beverages.


At Engredea, Hilmar Ingredients, Hilmar, Calif., highlighted its whey protein ingredients and their applications in beverages to offer complete protein for lean muscle development.


At Engredea, Ingredion Inc., Westchester, Ill., offered samples of a reduced-sugar iced tea mix with its Enliten rebaudioside A stevia sweetener and Erysta C40 crystalline erythritol to reduce the beverage’s calories and offer a clean label, the company says. In other news, the company announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Penford Corp., Centennial, Colo.


Kyowa Hakko USA Inc., New York, featured at Engredea its branded citicoline ingredient, Cognizin, which can boost neural and cognitive function.


San Joaquin Valley Concentrates, Fresno, Calif., promoted at Engredea its natural red crystal colors for beverages as well as its ActiVin grape seed extract for use in FDA GRAS foods and beverages.


Stiebs, Madera, Calif., highlighted its juice-processing capabilities and offered samples of a Pomegranate Lemonade prototype drink featuring not-from-concentrate pomegranate juice and lemonade juice concentrate.


At Engredea, Taiyo International, Minneapolis, Minn., discussed the current popularity of tea ingredients in the beverage industry and promoted its Sunphenon line of standardized green tea energy ingredients and Matcha natural green tea leaf powder. It also highlighted its Suntheanine ingredient, which can improve concentration and focus; promote feelings of calmness and mental relaxation; and reduce the jitters, nausea and dizziness associated with caffeine, the company says.


VitaTech Nutritional Sciences Inc., Tustin, Calif., discussed at Engredea its nutritional manufacturing capabilities, including mixing and blending, quality assurance, bar coding, ingredient translation for international markets, and marketing services.


RiceBran Technologies (RBT), Scottsdale, Ariz., announced the release of a claims substantiation analysis of the health benefits of the company’s proprietary rice-bran-based ingredients conducted by Medicus Research, Agoura Hills, Calif. RBT contracted with Medicus to perform a comprehensive analysis of independent studies to substantiate numerous health claims for its proprietary rice bran derivatives and products. The research from Medicus substantiates that RBT’s RiBran and RiSolubles products reduce hyperglycemia, improve insulin levels and insulin sensitivity, and increase adiponectin levels. The research also cites scientific evidence indicating that the company’s RiFiber product reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides; reduces absorption of cholesterol; and reduces plasma lipid and lipoprotein cholesterol.


Tic Gums, White Marsh, Md., presented a paper entitled “Texturing Trends and Techniques for Healthful Beverages” at the 15th Annual West Coast Flavor Industry Forum last month in Anaheim, Calif. The discussion was led by Dan Graziatis, senior food scientist at Tic Gums, and focused on protein fortification, nutritional oil enrichment and sugar reduction within the beverage industry as well as challenges concerning suspension, emulsification, protein protection and texture.


Solazyme Inc., San Francisco, announced that the FDA has issued a favorable response to the company’s notification, which concludes that high-oleic algae oil is GRAS as an ingredient in food products under the intended conditions of use.


 International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., New York, announced the expansion of its flavors facility in Isando, South Africa.