BOM AzulHeineken USA is bringing back its Beers of Mexico Fiesta Pack with a limited-edition offering of Dos Equis Azul, a signature lager featuring golden wheat and blue agave nectar, along with Dos Equis Lager, Tecate and Sol Mexican beers. Dos Equis Brand Director Ryan Thompson noted in a statement that variety packs like the Beers of Mexico Fiesta Pack deliver the assortment that consumers are looking for. In line with this, the Beers of Mexico Fiesta Pack is growing three times faster than the variety pack segment and faster than any other Top 10 variety pack on the market, he said. At retail, channel-specific cross-merchandising instant redeemable coupons and mail-in rebate offers, where legal, targeting Cinco de Mayo and fiesta celebrations are available to encourage purchase of the “Beers of Mexico” pack with cross-category products. Custom point-of-sale materials and a 10-case cross-merchandising stacker will offer retailers out-of-section merchandising solutions, the company says. The Beers of Mexico program is scheduled to run through July.