As retailers, bars and restaurants see their fair share of green-clad consumers on March 17, they might be taking an informal tally of the most popular alcohol beverages purchased that day.

However, Pollshare, a division of Boston-based ChoiceStream, tabulated votes from consumers about what actually are the most popular alcohol drinks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Guinness, a brand of Diageo USA, Norwalk, Conn., obtained 30 percent of votes for consumption this green holiday. Among those of legal drinking age who will consume Guinness, 41 percent will be in the 45-54 age bracket.

Another popular choice on St. Patrick’s Day is Diageo’s Baileys Irish Cream. With 34 percent of those polled reporting they will consume the Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur, 62 percent will be female and Illinois will be the highest consumption state.

To see what other alcohol drinks will be popular this Irish holiday, click here to see the infographic.