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Lotus Elixirs North America launched its same-named, ready-to-drink botanical elixirs featuring lotus flowers. The liquid supplements are infused with lotus flowers, rhodiola rosea and schizandra berry, which have been recognized for centuries for their rejuvenating benefits, the company says. Modern science has classified this elite group of botanicals as “adaptogens,” which many nutritionists assert work like a thermostat in the body to normalize imbalance caused by stress, it adds. Lotus Elixirs are available in three superfruit-infused flavors — Wild Berry Infused, Cranberry Infused and Raspberry Infused — which are low in calories at 60 calories in each 12-ounce can, lightly sweetened with organic pure cane sugar, lightly carbonated, and naturally caffeinated by organic green coffee beans. The elixirs do not contain any artificial ingredients.

Lotus Elixirs North America, Indian Wells, Calif.
Telephone: 888/702-5584
Distribution: Select Markets
Ingredients: Cranberry Infused: Proprietary blend (lotus [flower] extract, rhodiola rosea [root] extract, schizandra [berry] extract, ginger [root] extract and natural caffeine); sparkling water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, purple sweet potato extract; and cranberry juice concentrate.