Jamba Cold Pressed JuiceJamba Inc., Emeryville, Calif., introduced a new line of cold-pressed juices. Made from fruit and vegetables, Jamba Cold Pressed Juices are available in 12-ounce bottles in four varieties: Veggie Harvest, which is made with apple, carrot, ginger and super greens; Tropical Greens, which is made with apple, pineapple, super greens and lemon; Citrus Kick, which is made with orange, pineapple, apple and ginger; and Orange Reviver, which is made with orange, apple, beet and banana. Each variety is made entirely from 100 percent juice, the company says. They do not contain any preservatives and are never heated, it adds.

“Our expansion to cold-pressed juice reaffirms our commitment to making healthier beverages more accessible to consumers,” said James D. White, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Jamba Inc., in a statement. “Drinking juice made from only fruit and vegetables is an easy way to satisfy one’s daily produce requirement. Our Cold Pressed Juices are both nutritious and delicious.”

Jamba uses high-pressure processing (HPP) for the new cold-pressed juices to protect their nutrients and flavor, it says. HPP preserves more of the micro-nutrients that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables and that tend to be damaged by heat processes used to manufacture traditional bottled juices, it explains.

The Jamba Cold Pressed Juice launch will initially focus on the southern California market with distribution expanding into northern California by mid-October. The lineup eventually will roll out across the Jamba system in 2015.