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Peanut HottieAfter a successful launch in the United Kingdom last year, Bravura Foods USA LLC is bringing its Peanut Hottie instant hot peanut butter drink to the U.S. market this fall. Available in Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavors, Peanut Hottie powdered drinks will begin appearing on Walmart shelves the first week of September. Similar to hot chocolate, the products are meant to be mixed with hot water; however, they feature a peanut butter flavor and aroma, the company says. A 9.15-ounce jar makes approximately 13 servings and will have a suggested retail price of $4.58.

Bravura Foods USA LLC, Atlanta
Distribution: National
Ingredients: Peanut Butter: Sugar, glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, dipotassium phosphate, sodium polyphosphate, sodium caseinate, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, silicone dioxide, maltodextrin, flavoring, defatted peanut flour, caramelized sugar, xanthan gum, gum arabic, citrus fiber and salt.