After recently selling its 1 billionth beverage earlier this summer, Honest Tea took to social media to learn more about Americans’ relationships with iced tea.  The Coca-Cola Co. subsidiary examined more than 115,000 tweets that mentioned iced tea and made the following discoveries:

  • Salads were the preferred meal for iced tea tweeters.
  • Running was the most popular activity among various forms of exercise performed by iced tea tweeters.
  • More people tweet about their dogs and iced tea rather than their cats and iced tea.
  • California had the highest percentage of people who tweeted about iced tea; North Dakota had the lowest.
  • Tweeters in Texas prefer sweet tea, while tweeters in California prefer unsweetened tea.
  • Honey Green, Half & Half and Peach White Tea were the most-tweeted Honest Teas.

To view the infographic, click here.