Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc., Bardstown, Ky., announced it has acquired the worldwide rights to Domaine de Canton French ginger liqueur from Maurice Cooper et Cie. of Miami.

“Domaine de Canton French ginger liqueur is a unique, one-of-a-kind product that is among the fastest-growing liqueurs in the spirits industry,” said Max L. Shapira, president of Heaven Hill Distilleries, in a statement. “This product inspires creativity throughout the cocktail world and has become increasingly popular over the last several years. We are very excited to add the original ginger-based liqueur to our broad portfolio of premium products.

“Canton will play a great role in expanding our presence in every channel of the spirits business,” he continued. “Most notably, it complements our existing business of premium liqueurs and American whiskeys already recognized for their outstanding quality and versatility.”

Launched in 2007 by Maurice Cooper et Cie., Domaine de Canton is inspired by the French tradition in which sweet and fresh elixirs are fortified with eau de vie and cognac. It features a bamboo-style package inspired by its Asian ginger heritage, the company says. Consumers and mixologists alike use it to add a bright and rich ginger spiciness to both simple and sophisticated cocktails, it adds.

“The development, launch and success of Canton has been an incredible experience,” said John Cooper, president of Maurice Cooper et Cie., in a statement. “We believe that Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc. is the perfect company, given their broad experience, to ensure the product’s continued growth and accessibility over the long term. We believe that it is only in its infancy of recognizing its substantial growth potential.”

Domaine de Canton French ginger liqueur is available in 375-ml, 750-ml and 1-liter sizes with 28 percent alcohol by volume. A 750-ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $34.99.