Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Emeryville, Calif., partnered with Internet radio service Pandora to create its own customized radio stations that will be played in all of its stores nationwide. The Peet’s-branded Pandora radio stations — Eclectic Classical, Jazz Giants, Origins and Melodic Indie — were developed by Peet’s music aficionado and 25-year veteran employee Patrick Main and designed in collaboration with Pandora to pair well with the company’s coffees. The music choices include a balance of what’s popular and trending, along with a more classic music selection that contributes to an inviting store environment, the company says.

For instance, Peet’s Melodic Indie station includes indie bands like Pinback, Neko Case and Broken Bells that provide a contemporary, melodic sound and pair well with sweet, bright and fresh coffees such as Peet’s Kenya Auction Lot and Café Solano Medium Roast, the company says. Peet’s Jazz Giants station reflects Peet’s Italian Roast and Espresso Forte Blend with its vigorous, full and lively swing, bebop, hard bop, cool jazz and newer explorations including artists like Miles Davis Quintet, Charlie Parker, Betty Carter and Jason Moran, it says. Peet’s Origins station enhances Peet’s rustic, earthy and vibrant blends including Uzuri African Blend and Gaia Organic Blend, it says. Focused on folk traditions and new music from around the world, artists include Cesaria Evora, Dobet Gnahor, Franco, Gabby Pahinui, Papi Brandao and Armando Garzon. Lastly, Peet’s Eclectic Classical station pays tribute to the history of classical music while emphasizing contemporary composers and cutting-edge performers in a music selection that is bold, structured and complex, it says. When paired with Major Dickason’s Blend or Peet’s French Roast, the tasting and listening experience is symphonic, it adds.

“In looking at the store experience holistically, we wanted to create an atmosphere that reinforced our commitment to craftsmanship in everything we do,” said Debbie Kristofferson, vice president of marketing at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, in a statement. “The combination of songs personally selected by Peet’s with Pandora’s musicological expertise provides a fresh, constantly evolving music experience.”

The new Peet’s stations will be available to all Pandora listeners.

“We are excited to partner with Peet's to leverage the power of Pandora’s platform to bring to life Peet’s musical expression for our active audience of over 75 million monthly listeners and Peet’s customers nationwide,” said Simon Fleming-Wood, chief marketing officer of Pandora, in a statement.