Under pressure

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group added a new precision digital pressure gauge to its portfolio of pressure products. The new Palmer model PTG200 digital pressure gauge is ideally suited for two-point field calibration of process gauges and auto peak recording. It offers a large, easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen with full five-digit resolution and user options to select from nine different pressure units. Standard models featuring an aluminum alloy case and atmospheric reference choices of gauge; sealed gauge; or absolute, compound, and differential models are available. Gauge ranges measure more than 2,500 bar, with compound ranges from -1 to
2.5 bar and differential ranges from 0.0025 to 0.05 bar. Featuring fully temperature-compensated accuracy from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the Palmer PTG200 with 316L SS wetted parts also is available in accuracies of 0.1 or 0.2 percent of full scale. A one-quarter-inch National Pipe Thread process connection comes standard with the gauge, but a one-half-inch adapter can be purchased separately. Powered by three standard AA alkaline batteries, the Palmer PTG200 is a suitable substitute for mechanical precision pointer pressure gauges, the company says.

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, N.C. 28804; 800/421-2853; palmerwahl.com.


Efficient gas

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors, a product of Membrana-Charlotte, a division of Celgard LLC, enable efficient, in-line deaeration and gasification with low operating and maintenance costs in a compact system design, the company says. These gas transfer membranes have been used for dissolved oxygen removal from blending or pushing water, precise injection of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, alcohol reduction with minimal flavor loss, decarbonation, and many other applications. This technology also can achieve very low dissolved oxygen levels, it says. After using Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors, customers have realized product stability and longer shelf life, lower product loss by reducing corrosion of cans, and overall process improvement, it adds. 

Membrana-Charlotte, 13800 S. Lakes Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28273; 704/587-8888; liqui-cel.com.


Promoting responsibility

TermSync Inc.’s new 4.0 version expands the invoicing platform into a full-service, post-sale communications platform. The service has been redesigned to help beverage vendors receive payments faster and improve their customer service and ability to reach out to the customers placing the orders. Along with the platform’s overall redesign, TermSync also added the weekly Care email feature. This feature is similar to TermSync’s existing bundled payment reminder in that it is sent once a week and can include multiple vendors. However, Care emails are delivered much earlier in the post-sale process, allowing vendors to correct any delivery issues sooner as well as interact with both those responsible for placing orders and those responsible for paying bills, the company says. Once buyers receive the email, they can then click through to each vendor’s summary page, which includes current invoice information, past correspondence, vendor accountability metrics, vendor product specials and promotions, and a place to order additional products or services. To push beverage vendors to respond to customer questions in a timely manner and encourage customers to interact with vendors through the online portal, TermSync is requiring vendors that choose to send the Care email to commit to responding to each customer question within one business day. If the vendor takes longer to respond, the customer will receive a $50 Visa gift card, it says.

TermSync Inc., 5957 McKee Road, Suite 101, Fitchburg, Wis. 53719; 608/316-8380; termsync.com.


Adhesive cleaning solutions

Gard Chemicals developed a new range of safe, industry-approved chemicals that can be used by bottling halls, packaging and food manufacturers, and others to remove and prevent adhesives from adhering to any surface. The initial range of formulations covers a variety of applications such as external adhesive removers for in-situ cleaning, liquid hot-melt purges for pre-melt units and hoses, and release agents for preventing hot and cold adhesives from adhering to surfaces in order to reduce downtime during cleaning. All of these chemicals are manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations and are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and operator safe, the company says.

Gard Chemicals, Chapel Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire WF16 9JP, UK; 011/44-1924-403-550; gardchemicals.com.


Dust-free blending

Charles Ross & Son Co. manufactures Ribbon Blenders that can be used for rapid, thorough and dust-free blending of powders, granules, pellets and other bulk solids. Available in many standard sizes from one-half to 1,000 cubic feet of working capacity, Ross Ribbon Blenders are built for a wide range of bulk densities and applications with many customizable features to meet any special, sanitary or heavy-duty requirements. Specifically, its Ribbon Blender Model 42N-270 offers a maximum working capacity of 270 cubic feet and a full holding capacity of 300 cubic feet. The stainless steel wetted parts are polished to a 150-grit finish for easy cleanability, the company says. In addition, the gasketed three-piece cover, safety grating, and pneumatically operated 10-inch knife gate valve all are designed to facilitate convenient ingredient charging and dust-tight operation, it says. Its double ribbon agitator is manufactured to produce a well-balanced axial and radial flow of powders while holding tightly controlled clearances between the trough. All Ross Ribbon Blenders are equipped with a direct drive gear motor for reliable performance and lower maintenance, it adds.

Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677; mixers.com.


Just in time

Intelligrated’s ontimeparts.com website provides access to more than 70,000 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and commodity parts for Intelligrated equipment and associated legacy brands including Alvey, Buschman, Crisplant, Davco, FKI Logistex, Mathews and Versa. Customers can use the website to order parts and receive assistance from field-experienced ontimeparts.com specialists over the phone or through email. For emergency requests, Intelligrated supplies parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from a dedicated inventory that offers same-day shipping of in-stock items. Intelligrated’s customer service and support team also offers additional parts services including recommended spare parts assistance, warranty administration, on-site parts putaway and inventory management, and obsolescence identification.

Intelligrated, 7901 Innovation Way, Mason, Ohio 45040; 866/963-7300; intelligrated.com.


Making tight turns

Crown Equipment Corp. launched the Crown ST 3000-25 Series walkie straddle stacker. Capable of handling up to 2,500 pounds and working in environments with tight spaces, this compact stacker is especially suitable for the grocery and retail industries. In warehouse applications, the Crown ST 3000-25 can be operated in 6-to-7-foot wide aisles, as opposed to the typical 11-to-13-foot wide aisles, to help maximize storage space. The stacker also comes equipped with Crown’s exclusive X10 Handle, a durable, cast aluminum control handle that offers advanced ergonomics so that operators can perform all necessary functions. A brake override feature ensures accurate maneuvering when the handle is in the near-vertical position. 

Crown Equipment Corp., 44 S. Washington St., New Bremen, Ohio 45869; 419/629-2311; crown.com.


Still sensing

Anton Paar now offers the Carbo 520 Optical. This inline carbon dioxide sensor can easily be installed directly inline and in constant contact with the processed sample. The sensor measures carbon dioxide concentration based on the spectroscopic approach of Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR), so the only motion in the system is the passing of infrared light through a crystal, the company explains. Because the sensor has no moving or mechanical parts, there is no wear and tear, and no disposables are required, it adds. Carbo 520 Optical’s measurements are not influenced by other gases, color, turbidity, sugar compensation or solubility, and it is capable of measuring carbon dioxide in all types of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. The system also can provide results as frequently as every four seconds that can be transmitted through its fieldbus communication ports.

Anton Paar, 10215 Timber Ridge Drive, Ashland, Va. 23005; 800/722-7556; anton-paar.com