UV SrirachaMinneapolis-based Phillips Distilling Co. launched UV Sriracha vodka, which is the first sriracha-flavored vodka to hit the market, it says. UV Sriracha is infused with a proprietary blend of chilis, garlic and vegetables, honoring the traditional sriracha hot sauce recipe from Thailand.

Developing a sriracha-flavored vodka resulted from listening to consumers and leveraging innovation to meet their preferences, the company says. UV Sriracha vodka is the 20th variety of flavored vodka in the UV portfolio.

“Phillips is continually researching, testing and on the cutting edge of culinary flavor trends,” said Jason Connelly, vice president of sales for Phillips Distilling, in a statement. “Being first to market has been a competitive advantage for UV; however, we take great pride in ensuring that all of our flavors are perfectly balanced and measured. UV Sriracha vodka was in development until the ideal combination of peppers and spices was achieved, resulting in vodka that is spicy with a gentle, balancing sweetness that measures the heat.”

UV vodka is distilled four times for premium quality and activated carbon filtered to ensure the highest level of purity and the perfect pH balance, the company says. UV Sriracha features a flavor that is not overly hot or spicy and is ideal for savory cocktails such as a Bloody Mary, said Jim Aune, director of research and development for Phillips Distilling, in a statement.

“The nose has a blend of chili peppers, including the hotter red chili pepper and the more subtle green chili pepper,” Aune explained. “UV Sriracha has a pepper character that hits you right up front, which is very quickly followed by the hot pepper. The hot stays mainly on the front of the tongue. It is buffered by the green pepper so the spice comes through without offensive heat.”

UV Sriracha is available in 50-ml, 750-ml and 1-liter bottle sizes with suggested retail prices of $0.99, $11.99 and $12.99, respectively.