While many brands enter into the consumer world to connect with their target audiences, Hendrick’s Gin is taking a different approach and bringing fans into its own world.

The gin brand, which is imported by New York-based William Grant & Sons Inc., is taking its Voyages into the Unusual (VITU) tour on the road for the second year in a row to allow fans of legal drinking age to experience the world as Hendrick’s views it.

Hendrick’s takes on a unique view of the world because it is a unique gin brand, explains Kris VanDopek, brand representative. Its gin contains 11 botanicals, including flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world, and marries two different spirits from two “rare and unusual” stills: the Bennet Still and the Carter-Head still, according to the brand.

As a unique brand, Hendrick’s also targets a unique audience. “Hendrick’s is not for everyone — we attract genuine free-thinkers, people who naturally gravitate to the odd and exquisite,” VanDopek says. “Those are the people we’re looking for in each market where we host VITU — we want them to discover our world.”

The events in six cities, including my hometown of Chicago, transport these brave voyagers into a world of whimsy featuring a hot air balloon adventurer with acrobatic skills, a rose with a graceful personality, a monster in a box that hands out drinks, an apothecary shop with surreal specimens, a supernatural experience inside The Dark Room, and other oddities. In addition, guests are treated to tipples (Hendrick’s name for cocktails) including a Traveling Punch tipple that features local and seasonal ingredients.

 By letting its personality shine, this brand found a way to connect with fans on a personal level by giving them a peek at the world inside the bottle.