Quality Beverage LP, Taunton, Mass., acquired the remaining interest of Consolidated Beverages LLC, Auburn, Mass. Quality Beverage now will operate two divisions located in Taunton and Auburn.

In 2007, Quality Beverage made its first investment in Consolidated Beverages by partnering with President David Fields. To ensure a smooth transition following the acquisition, Consolidated Beverages’ current minority owner, Fields, will continue to work as a consultant until the end of 2013, the company says.

“Today’s acquisition is driven by Quality Beverages’ corporate strategy, which is focused on gaining efficiencies, consolidating geography, and bringing into our fold a company that shares our values, work ethic and commitment to professionalism,” said Conrad Wetterau, president and chief executive officer of Quality Beverage, in a statement. “The company remains committed to Massachusetts and strong growth for years to come.”