AB InBev, through its Global Innovation and Technology Center (GITEC), introduced PureDraught, a one-way, polymer keg system that keeps beer fresh up to four times longer than a traditional steel keg and reduces the carbon footprint of shipping beer — all while offering more versatility and variety for bar and restaurant owners, the company says. Although beer traditionally is delivered in a steel keg, this often produces a number of costly logistical and environmental issues that are magnified when internationally shipped, it adds. The company’s GITEC division’s new PureDraught uses a custom-molded, double-walled, bottle-in-bottle polymer keg that allows air or gas to be fed into the outer bottle, which keeps its shape and pushes the beer out of the inner bottle. The innovative system prevents any air or dispense gas from touching the beer, allowing the beer to remain fresh for 30 days after being tapped instead of just one week, the company says. Unlike the standard 30-liter or larger steel kegs, PureDraught comes in 6-, 12- and 18-liter sizes, allowing for more flexibility and less wasted product by bar and restaurant owners, it says. The kegs can be stored and dispensed from upright or on the side on a shelf, making them more versatile. Currently AB InBev brands are using PureDraught in several countries, including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Africa, with further expansion planned, the company says.

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