Dublin-based C&C Group launched its International Wine Services (IWS) trading division to manage and market its newly acquired on-trade wine portfolio that includes the Oliver & Greg's brand, which it acquired earlier this year.

“We are delighted to be leading the development of the C&C Group's wine portfolio in the on-trade,” said Shaun Goode, commercial director of IWS, in a statement. “We are really excited to have such a well-known and successful brand as Oliver & Greg's to bring to retailers, who are already reacting enthusiastically to this development by the C&C Group.

“Some customers can find that selecting the right wine range for their outlet is a bit daunting, with so many products on the market,” he continued. “By offering a respected, branded range covering all the popular varietals and with the option for single-serve sizes too, we can really make it very easy. A customer can be reassured that they will have something to suit everyone and that it will also be affordable.”

The IWS portfolio also includes eight other worldwide wine brands, such as L'Emage, Trulli, Humboldt Coast, Santa Serena, Cape Promise, Zarapito, Moondarra and Anapai River.

The full range now will be supplied either directly to existing Tennent's customers in Scotland and Northern Ireland or through partner wholesalers in England, Scotland and Wales.