When I asked my friend’s 5-year-old son what I should write my column about this month, he suggested Scooby-Doo or Batman. When I told him how much I would love to write about a crime-solving, talking dog or a masked crusader but wasn’t sure whether either of those would be applicable to the beverage industry, he was none too pleased. Although I am not in the business of disappointing children, it got me thinking about how much influence these fictional characters have on him and quite possibly his parents’ shopping choices.

It’s no secret that celebrities and athletes play a key part in our culture. Magazines and TV networks have thrived by sharing with consumers the highs and lows of these public figures. And as we continue to learn more about these celebrities, we might feel a connection or kinship to them. This can prove to be a powerful and positive tool in the marketing of so many consumer packaged goods companies.

Inspired by ABC-TV’s crime drama “Castle,” which follows the lives of mystery novelist Richard Castle and New York Police Department Detective Kate Beckett, Long Island, N.Y.-based White Coffee Corp. released a new coffee line, Castle Coffee Blends. The lineup features three varieties: Morning is Murder, a Colombian roast; Writer’s Roast, a dark French roast; and Brewing Storm, a lighter-bodied roast with a taste of cinnamon, the company says.

“The ‘Castle’ TV show combines the cerebral with action-packed police work; deep thought and a ‘call to action’ are also attributes of these strong-brewed coffees,” said Jonathan White, executive vice president of White Coffee Corp., in a statement.

But developing celebrity-inspired products is not the only way beverage-makers are incorporating influential stars into their brands. They also can be used to spread a deeper message that is important to both the brand and the celebrities involved.

Rose Cameron, founder and chief executive officer of Wat-aah, recently spoke with Beverage Industry about her mission to encourage children to view water as their No. 1 source of hydration. Cameron is looking to accomplish this by showing kids how cool, fun and exciting the Wat-aah brand is but also letting parents know about the quality behind the brand and its commitment to combat childhood obesity. Wat-aah shares this message with both audiences through print and outdoor advertising, social media, event sponsorships and concerts, as well as celebrity partnerships.

One such partnership includes Marques Colston, a wide receiver for NFL’s New Orleans Saints, and Patrick Peterson, a cornerback for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. Colston and Peterson both point out the importance of the message to kids and parents to live an active, healthy lifestyle and that their partnership with Wat-aah has helped them communicate that message.

To read more about Wat-aah’s mission and partnership with Colston and Peterson, visit bevindustry.com.