Customizable coffee

Caribou Coffee celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month in October with its new Amy’s Blend coffee, the proceeds of which help fund cancer research. Named after former roastmaster Amy Erickson, who lost her life to breast cancer, Amy’s Blend was designed to honor anyone inflicted with the disease. Designed by agency Colle+McVoy, the bags feature pink graphics and peelable labels that, once peeled back, reveal a secondary label for consumers to dedicate the bag to a friend or family member by writing their name in the space.


Mimosas to-go

Southwest Wines launched its Soleil Mimosa sparkling wine and orange juice drinks in 187-ml slim cans for consumers on-the-go. The single-serve cans are available in grab-and-go four-packs as a sustainable, convenient and portable packaging option for wine consumers when glass packaging might not be practical, according to the company. The cans also provide recyclability and a 40 percent weight reduction compared with glass wine bottles, the company says.


Velvety blue for A CAUSE

Campari America, a subsidiary of Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A., partnered with the American Foundation for AIDS Research to launch the Skyy Vodka blue velvet limited-edition bottle for the holidays. The soft-to-touch bottle features an intricate, blue velvet pattern. A 750-ml bottle retails for approximately $18.49 at liquor stores nationwide.


A colorful redesign

Celsius Holdings Inc. redesigned the packaging for its ready-to-drink supplement beverages. The new cans feature brighter colors and reinforce the credibility of the science behind the beverages, highlighting the products’ benefits of burning calories and providing energy, the company says.  The updated packaging was designed to appeal to Celsius’ target audience and reach a wider demographic as well, it adds.


A sophisticated upgrade

 Brown-Forman Corp.’s Casa Herradura brand refined the primary and secondary packaging for its Extra Añejo Selección Suprema tequila to reflect the craftsmanship, quality and authenticity of the product, the company says. Designed by Johnny Cardenas, design director for Brown-Forman, the new package features an earth-tone box with a bi-fold opening, bearing the brand’s iconic horseshoe on the bottom right panel. The center interior of the box props and cradles the bottle on a fitted pedestal. Once opened, the bi-fold panels display the story of the making of the tequila. Although the glass structure remains unchanged, the bottle’s subtle design refinements include a real copper finish metal die cast horseshoe, a copper neck band, a brand mark update, and an authenticating strip label signed by Master Distiller Maria Teresa Lara.