Business class trucks

Highlighting its Freightliner Trucks Business Class M2, Daimler Trucks North America LLC’s Freightliner trucks offer the M2 106 and M2 112, which both feature best-in-class visibility with a 2,500-square-inch windshield and have numerous manual, automated and automatic transmission choices, the company says. With a wheel cut of up to 55 degrees, the trucks can navigate narrow city streets or tight loading zones, it adds. The M2 106 and M2 112 also have been designed for easier maintenance and service, keeping downtime to a minimum. Adding to the value of ownership, Freightliner’s customer support offers a network of more than 300 dealers across North America and a 24-hour assistance hotline that will keep customers operating at peak efficiency every day, it says. These features help drivers deliver more products to more customers, the company says.

Daimler Trucks North America LLC, 4435 N. Channel Ave. Portland, Ore. 97217; 503/745-8000;


Chamber bottle thermometers

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc. released a new line of Accu-safe Enclosed Chamber Thermometers. These National Institute of Standards and Technology-certified thermometers are an economical method to measure critical temperatures in ultra-low-temperature freezers, refrigerators, incubators, block heaters and ovens, the company says. Available in both environmental, non-toxic spirit-filled and mercury-filled models, all thermometers  have thoroughly annealed glass and engraved stems for lasting accuracy in 0.1 degrees Celsius, 0.5 degrees Celsius and 1 degree Celsius divisions to allow for precise measurements. Each thermometer is encapsulated in a fluoropolymer safety shield, which absorbs shock and protects the liquid and splintered glass within the coating should breakage occur, thereby keeping contaminants from the user and the environment, it says. Accu-safe thermometers are housed in an unbreakable plastic bottle filled with a non-toxic insulating liquid used to maintain the temperature to ensure accurate temperature readings without being affected by the opening and closing of the chamber door.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc., 316 N.E. First St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060; 954/946-9454;


Infrared thermometers

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group added seven new models to its portfolio of high-temperature and long-range handheld infrared thermometers. Four of these models are high-temperature, handheld infrared models: the DHS1600R, which measures temperatures between 1,472 and 2,912 degrees Fahrenheit; the DHS2000R, which measures between 2,012 and 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit; and the DHS1900 Extra High Temperature and DHS3000 Super High Temperature handheld infrared models, which both have RS485 interfaces and 4-20 milli-amperes analog signal outputs through two mini-USB ports and are useful in many applications in the steel and aluminum industries as well as various other chemical and high-temperature industrial processes where fast and accurate measurements are needed, the company says. Both the DHS1600R and DHS2000R have a 150-to-1 distance-to-spot ratio, feature MAX temperature functionality and are not affected by smoke, steam or particulates. The DHS1900 and DHS3000 also have a

150-to-1 distance-to-spot ratio as well as high and low alarms; maximum, minimum, average and Delta-T calculations; and adjustable emissivity for better accuracy, according to the company. The remaining three models are long range infrared models: the HSA1500 tripod-mount model, which has a 1,500-to-1 spot ratio, making it suitable for electrical power generation and power transmission applications; the HSA500 rifle style model, which has a spot ratio of 500-to-1 and can scan for hot spots, take images containing temperature information and date-time stamps and transfer them to an SD card; and the HSA300 handheld infrared model, which has a 300-to-1 spot ratio, a telescopic sight for precise aiming, and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from as far as 50 feet away.

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, N.C. 28804; 800/421-2853;


Weighing system

Alfa Laval Inc. released a new weighing system that measures tank weight based on the deformation of an air gap surrounding a capacitive sensor. As a result of this unique weighing method, the system is non-contact, allows for a more consistent and accurate measurement of weight, and makes the system more durable, the company says. The non-contact sensor also helps to absorb higher shocks and overloads of up to 1,000 percent, compared to 200 percent with typical systems, it adds. The factory-calibrated weighing system can weigh tanks up to 220,000 pounds and can be set to an accuracy level of 0.025 percent, 0.05 percent, 0.1 percent or 2 percent of full scale. The sensor design and digital platform allow both horizontal and vertical tank forces to be weighed without additional tank equipment, such as tank balancers. The digital platform also allows for easier installation, as the weighing system does not require expensive mounting brackets or time-consuming re-calibration, and standard coaxial cables can be cut or replaced without re-calibration for even faster and easier installation, it says.

Alfa Laval Inc., 5400 International Trade Drive, Richmond, Va. 23231; 804/222-5300;


Closure solutions

Delkor Systems announced a new addition to its family of closure solutions. The Delkor Capstone Closer L1-500 incorporates a low-cost corrugated base tray to provide carton support, coupled with a graphic paperboard carton lid to seal in and protect the product. The end result is a product that uses less material, thereby lowering costs, with added visual shelf appeal for any retail-ready application, the company says. It also readily adapts to other packages and applications with simple tool-less changeovers in less than five minutes, saving time and money and boosting productivity, it says. The L1-500 is compact, saving on production space, and has a robust design, ensuring dependable service; a hygienic stainless steel construction with Washdown IP67 for easy cleaning; and an ergonomically designed low-level, pneumatic blank magazine, which facilitates easy blank loading, it says.

Delkor Systems, Inc., 8700 Rendova St. N.E., Circle Pines, Minn. 55014; 800/328-5558;


Customer support portal

Apriva launched a new self-help and customer support portal: the Apriva Customer Education (ACE) portal. The Web-based service connects customers with Apriva’s internal knowledgebase to find information regarding payment terminals, network security, software and other topics that affect the performance of Apriva’s wireless payment solutions. ACE also enables users to connect with Apriva personnel via chat to receive real-time assistance. Accessible through Apriva BackOffice accounts, the new portal offers 24/7/365 Web service access and live agent support, instant updates to knowledgebase articles, the ability to review personal histories of interactions with the knowledgebase and live chat, and a feedback loop to share personal experiences with specific knowledgebase information.

Apriva, 8501 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 110, Scottsdale, Ariz. 85253; 480/421-1200;


Sanitary container dumper

National Bulk Equipment Inc. released a sanitary bulk container dumper designed to meet particular sanitary operating processes and practices to ensure optimal compliance contribution (OCC). Meeting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s current good manufacturing practices definition for cleanability according to 21CFR110.40, the dumper facilitates thorough cleaning and is engineered to meet or reduce target cleaning times because of its lack of internal angles, corners and dead spaces to avoid accumulation of contaminants; angled planes, rounded radius framework, highly finished plate and stand-offs to reduce material build-up and direct material and moisture run-off away from product contact areas; and component frameworks cut from plate to eliminate exposed fasteners, joints and crevices common with tubular assemblies. For user and product safety, the dumper also has machine hard guarding that allows materials to pass through while protecting operators from contact with machine hazards. It also has a 6-inch by 4-inch by five-sixteenths-inch structural framework, a lift carriage capacity of more than 2,500 pounds per 135-degree rotation, and hermetically sealed connectors and components protected from corrosion and high temperature. The dumper also is designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the company says.

National Bulk Equipment Inc., 12838 Stainless Drive, Holland, Mich. 49424; 616/399-2220;


Steam trap

TLV Corp. introduced its TLV J3S-X free-float steam trap. Made of stainless steel, the steam trap is corrosive-resistant and has a unique rotational seating design, which helps ensure its long service life, the company says. Its thermostatic air vent automatically vents air for easy start-up, while the trap delivers continuous, smooth, low-velocity condensate discharge as process loads vary.  The trap has an unmatched sealing performance and is rated for 1,740 psig hydraulic shock, making it resistant to water hammer, the company says. The TLV J3S-X is available in half-inch, three-quarters of an inch and 1-inch sizes.

TLV Corp., 13901 S. Lakes Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28273; 704/597-9070;   


Running in the cold

Douglas Battery developed its Douglas Legacy Arctic Battery to deliver optimal voltage, capacity and service life in cold storage and freezer applications while protecting against undercharging and de-rationing of capacity and charge acceptance, the company says. Equipped with a thermal tray insulator and a five-fold plate insulation system that enables effective capacity and voltage levels as well as enhanced performance of outer cells, the battery can operate as much as 15 percent longer in low temperatures than a standard lift-truck battery, it says. The battery also has flip-top vent caps for easy watering and reduced dripping of electrolytes into cell covers; trays protected with electrostatic baked-on epoxy to withstand corrosion, reduce voltage tracking, short circuits and rust; and optional quick-connect cables that reduce downtime and maintenance, it adds.

Douglas Battery, 500 Battery Drive, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27107; 336/650-7000;


Warning signal towers

European Safety Systems (E2S) Ltd. developed the IP66 sealed STA and STB user-configurable warning towers. Each tower has a separate termination enclosure fitted with two M20 cable entries and as many as five unpopulated housings. The STA’s audible-visual unit consists of as many as four high-performance beacons and a tone sounder, reaching a range of 30 meters at 1 kiloHertz; the STB version has as many as four beacons without the sounder. A pre-configured wiring loom interconnects the housings, enabling the units to be easily populated and configured as they are installed on-site, the company says. The units are designed for use as a general-purpose indicator for industrial use in applications such as machine alarms, security systems and any application where a loud audible or audible-visual warning signal is required, it says. The units can be wall or bulkhead mounted using external lugs or secured directly to a standard conduit box through the rear face of any of the housings.

European Safety Systems (E2S) Ltd., Impress House, Mansell Road, London, U.K. W3 7QH; + 44 (0) 20 8743 8880;


USB charger and duplex outlet

Cooper Wiring Devices introduced its USB Duplex Tamper Resistant receptacle. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the commercial grade receptacle eliminates the need for bulky adapters by including two integrated USB charging ports to charge electronic devices, including tablets, smartphones, e-readers, mp3 players, cameras and more, the company says. Tamper-resistant shutters provide code compliance with 2011 NEC Article 406.12 and offer a safer alternative by resisting the insertion of foreign objects that could cause electrical shock, it says. The outlet also has pre-stripped wire leads for easy installation and an LED indicator light that notifies users when a device is connected. The USB Duplex Tamper Resistant receptacle is available in five different colors to blend into any décor, it says. 

Cooper Wiring Devices, 203 Cooper Circle, Peachtree City, Ga. 30269; 770/631-2100;


Card reader cleaner

CleanTech Products LLC announced the release of its EcoCard, a biodegradable head-cleaning card that cleans dip readers, point-of-sale terminals in restaurants and bars, and credit card readers in stores, parking meters, gas pumps, car washes and more. Manufactured to match the International Standard Thickness for credit cards, EcoCard removes dirt and contaminants from the reader heads located in credit card readers, making it quick and easy to perform maintenance, the company says. It is manufactured in the United States using a porous but highly durable photodegradable material that will fall apart in natural or landfill environments, it says. Free samples are available.

Clean Tech Products LLC, 3400 S.W. 26 Terrace, Building A9, Dania Beach, Fla. 33312; 954/522-4000;


Safety and control

Fortress Interlocks introduced a new line of safety access and control systems: amGard Pro heavy-duty interlocks. The new lock ensures compliance with developing global standards to safeguard plant and personnel in heavy-duty environments, the company says. In addition, its modular design provides electro-mechanical interlocking with the option for traditional lockout retro-fitting.

Fortress Interlocks, 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/578-2390;


Portable tanks and mixers

Charles Ross & Son Co. expanded its offerings of portable tanks and mixers to include the following new products: Batch high shear mixers on mobile lifts; inline high shear mixers on mobile carts; powder injection systems; laboratory multi-shaft mixers and planetary mixers on mobile benches; ribbon blenders, multi-shaft mixers and planetary mixers on wheels; static mixer skid systems; ASME-code process vessels; custom sanitary tanks (autoclavable designs available); and specialty reactors. 

Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y., 11788; 800/243-7677;


Truck wheels

Kenworth Truck Co. announced that it will offer 22.5-inch and 19.5-inch tire and wheel packages and expanded wheelbase choices for the Kenworth K270 and K370 medium duty cabovers. With this new wheel package, the K270 Class 6 and K370 Class 7 cabovers are raised to match standard dock heights at pickup and delivery locations, the company says. With the 22.5-inch tire and wheel package, the cab floor is raised to approximately 50 inches above the ground, while the 19.5-inch package offers customers a lower step height and entry for easy access, it says. Expanded wheel base sizes for the 22.5-inch package include sizes from 146 inches to 242 inches in 12-inch increments with cab-to-axle dimensions between 120 and 217 inches; for the 19.5-inch package, available wheel base sizes cover a range of 142 inches to 238 inches, also in 12-inch increments. These expanded wheel base options allow for up to a 28-foot van body installation with the bigger tire size and up to 16 feet with the smaller size, the company says.

Kenworth Truck Co., 10630 N.E. 38th Place, Kirkland, Wash. 98033; 425/828-5000;