My phone isn’t smart — if it were a student, it would be a C-average one.

When I’m waiting to be seated at a restaurant or sitting on a plane, sometimes I think I’m the only one without a smartphone. Although research shows that my average cell phone still has a place — for now.

During its “Understanding and Engaging the Digital Shopper” webinar, Chicago-based market research firm SymphonyIRI Group stated that 83 percent of adults own a cell phone, and among that group, 42 percent own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center.

A reported 87 percent of smartphone owners access the Internet or e-mail on their handheld, including 68 percent who do so on a typical day, the Pew Research Center reports. Among the websites they visit, 65 percent of adults cite social networking sites.

During The Coca-Cola Co.’s earnings conference call for the fourth quarter of 2011, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Muhtar Kent highlighted the Atlanta-based company’s commitment to engage with consumers in an integrated manner across social media platforms.

According to, Coca-Cola is the No. 1 food/beverage brand, and No. 16 brand overall, on Facebook based on the number of “Likes.” As of Feb. 9, Coca-Cola has more than 38 million fans with estimated daily growth at 54,203 new “Likes,” according to

For last month’s Super Bowl, The Coca-Cola Co. took advantage of statistics that 60 percent of the Super Bowl’s 100 million viewers would be interacting with a second screen, such as their smartphone, during the game. Fans could chat with the brand’s polar bears and watch their reactions to the game. An estimated 300,000-plus fans joined the polar bears live, and by the second quarter, Coca-Cola’s Facebook feed received 3,400 hits a second, Kent said.