Four times the chill
Just Chill now offers its all-natural stress relief beverage in a new four-pack option. The latest packaging from the Southern California brand allows for better storage and easier distribution to consumers, the company says. The Just Chill four-pack is $7.99 and available at Whole Foods Market stores.
Skyline inspirations
Buildings from world-famous skylines provided the inspiration for the custom-designed bottle created for New Artisan Spirits and sourced by TricorBraun. New Artisan Spirits, Houston, recently launched Roxor, a new gin that was conceived to meet the public’s rising interest in unique spirits that are distilled in limited quantities. The 750-ml. bottle is made with cosmetic grade super flint glass and was manufactured by artisan glass-makers in Mexico City. It uses a custom lightweight polypropylene continuous thread closure that is embossed with the spirit’s name. A flat, window-pane relief designed at the bottle’s waist serves as a grip and provides a space for the two-pass silkscreen label. The bottle’s parting line is placed on a diagonal so it cannot be seen across the face. The company is planning to introduce a 1.75-liter bottle that will maintain the same scale, but be taller and wider than the current 750-ml. option.
New identity
Cintron Beverage Group launched the new visual identity of the brand’s ready-to-drink teas and single-serve fruit juices. Cintron’s portfolio of non-carbonated beverages is now available in 23.5-ounce cans. The new identity was created to improve shelf stand out, showcase Cintron’s expanded flavor portfolio and enhance brand preference, the company says. Reflecting the historic logo and vibrant color schemes of Cintron, the redesigned packaging brings a cohesive, unified look and feel to the company’s global tea and fruit drink brand lineup, it says. The modernized design builds on elements of Cintron’s visual identity, including bold logotype lettering, fruit illustrations and natural imagery to underscore the tea and fruit drinks as a source of fruit, the company says.
Fruitful imagery
American Beverage Corp. and The Biondo Group collaborated to redesign the packaging for Little Hug Fruit Barrels. The brand identity and package design firm stated that the Little Hug packaging incorporates water and fruit imagery to articulate strong flavor, refreshment and energy cues. The new brand mark incorporates the barrel-shaped bottle as a discrete icon and the name Fruit Barrels, according to The Biondo Group.