NBWA Heads to Vegas

The National Beer Wholesalers Association will hold its 70th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas Sept. 30-Oct. 3 at the Bally’s and Paris hotels. The convention will include keynote speakers such as political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin, writer Daniel Pink and panel discussions on the role of beer distributors in today’s industry. It will also feature 24 educational seminars on topics ranging from sales techniques to succession planning and optimizing warehouse operations.
Former advisor to Bill Clinton and frequent political commentator James Carville, along with Mary Matalin, former advisor to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, will offer a spirited look at today’s political landscape during the general session. Carville and Matalin co-authored the book “All’s Fair: Love, War and Running for President.” They will share perspectives from both sides of the aisle and offer predictions in the 2008 elections.
Daniel Pink is an expert on innovation and competition, and wrote “A Whole New Mind” on the rise of right-brain thinking in modern economics. He will discuss the business philosophies that earned his book reviews such as “an audacious and powerful work.”
Attendees also will hear from Tom Long, president and chief executive officer of Miller Brewing Co. Long has held senior global positions in sales, marketing and general management, working in more than 60 countries. He joined Miller in 2005 and was tapped as chief executive of the company last August.
Bump Williams, head of the beer, wine and spirits practice at Information Resources Inc., will moderate a panel discussion on the “Future Fabric of America: The Changing Face of Beer,” and Steve Lytle, president and chief executive officer of Mount Hood Beverages, will host a panel discussion on “Putting Distributors First: What Does That Mean?”
For more information or to register for the convention, visit nbwa.org.
NBWA education seminars
Know the Facts Before You Invest: How to Help Quantify Your Warehouse Operational Needs
Learn how to evaluate your business and optimize warehouse costs before making a decision to invest in new technologies.

Imported Beer: How to Leverage this Premium Power in Your Portfolio
A dynamic panel of industry experts will address today’s imported beer segment.
An In-Depth Look at the Opportunities & Pressures Facing the Domestic Beer Industry
The session will address the ways consumers are being pulled into higher-end categories including craft, imports, wine and spirits; weakening pricing power for domestic beer; and misaligned interests between brewers and beer distributors.

Avoiding 12 Costly Estate Planning Mistakes
How to minimize estate conflicts, effectively pass on the family business, choose decision makers and advisors, plan for the confusion of estate tax reform and minimize taxes.
Common Legal Issues Arising in the Management of Beer Distributorships
This seminar will survey key requirements of OSHA, FMLA, ADA and COBRA, as well as the laws of hiring and terminating employees, unemployment, workers compensation, drug and alcohol testing, and cash, tied house and dram shop laws.
Conducting “Win-Win” Sales Negotiations
The importance of planning, plus five negotiating alternatives that lead to “win-win” negotiations.

Understanding HR, Benefits and Payroll Practices in the Beer Distribution Industry
Current trends, practices and benchmarks in human resources, benefits and payroll management.
Is It Still Fun? Today’s Beer Distributor
Real world examples of best practices observed during the past 21 years from hedging risks, improving your financial team or evaluating your long-term viability.
Managing Technology Change for Beer Distributors
Guidance for getting successful and lasting change for I.T. investment.
Negotiating the Fair Value of InBev Euro Brands, Corona, Heineken and other “Golden Cases”
Guidance for buyers and sellers negotiating for the fair value of imports and other “Golden Cases.”
Three Steps to Empowering Your Sales Team from the Beer M.D.
This workshop will teach the three steps to empower your sales team and give creative ways to build problem solvers.
Warehouse Right Sizing: Defining the Optimal Use of Capital Investment
Learn contemporary sizing methodologies and hear real world case studies of companies that have taken a scientific approach to warehouse sizing.
What Keeps You Up At Night?
Insight on how to address some of the most prevalent problems in the areas of health care costs, retirement plan costs and compliance as well as the attraction and retention of key employees.
Strategic Planning for the Family-Owned Business
An overview of the key planning elements that must be addressed to keep a family-owned business in the family. Includes succession planning, business agreements, types of entities, family considerations, estate planning and estate tax mitigation.
Best Practices in Implementing WMS in Beer Distribution Operations
Selecting a warehouse management system partner, preparing personnel to use a WMS and integrating WMS with mobile delivery applications and route accounting systems.
Building the Family Business
This session identifies the building blocks needed to grow and preserve a family beer business – distributor agreements, emotions, goals, future growth and tax planning strategies.
How to Hire the “Right” People
A time-tested and systematic approach to improve the chances of hiring the “right” delivery drivers, night warehousemen and frontline salespeople.
Internal Theft: Do You Have Silent Partners?
Learn how easily inventory can vanish, the seven deadly sins of distribution center security, case histories and successful safeguards.
Routing Efficiency Analysis: Extract the Most from Routing and Scheduling Solutions
How to apply best practices in transportation standards to increase routing efficiencies through better route plans and increased driver productivity.
Selling Craft Beer
What makes a craft brand resonate, non-traditional marketing techniques, how the on-premise market can be won through craft beers and draft quality initiatives, and how national campaigns work to promote craft beer.
The Changing Retail Landscape – 2007 Retail and Consumer Trends
Evolving consumer dynamics and retail landscape are driving the need for suppliers and distributors to execute, account and channel specific strategies to build share.
The Shifting Value Spectrum
Beer distribution’s changing landscape is distorting the traditional price continuum. Learn about discounts, premium and other valuation factors for understanding the sometimes dazzling value spectrum.
The 12 Top Issues Facing Beer Distributors
The 12 most pressing issues facing beer distributors today, ranging from threats to the three-tier system to big-box retailers to aggressive suppliers and squeezed margins.
What Happens When the Terms of Your Distributor Agreement Are In Conflict with the Applicable Statutory Protection Available to You?
The best and worst provisions of the current versions of the Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors distributor agreements.