Case Picking Made Easy

Vertique offers productivity solutions

With complicated orders and energy efficiency top of mind for beverage companies and distributors, Vertique, Arden, N.C., provides automated case picking solutions. Vertique can ease difficult picking for companies with large numbers of SKUs and loads products seamlessly onto trucks, explains Jeff Stingel, vice president of sales.
“Vertique offers scalable solutions that help case picking by order and reduces the number of warehouse personnel required for fulfilling orders,” Stingel says.
Once an order is picked, Vertique solutions load trucks by stop rather than by aggregate total, which reduces labor both in the warehouse and by the driver. When trucks are loaded in other systems, the driver may have to re-pick the load and deliver to more than one bay.
Vertique currently is installing its 12th system and has helped its customers ramp up productivity from packing 2 million cases to more than 18 million. Vertique offers numerous semi-automated and automated systems as well as VPS picking and loading software. The two can be integrated to create a custom case picking and conveying solution that is tailored to the facility’s needs.
Vertique’s custom systems utilize vertical storage space to take advantage of a warehouse’s area. Orders are then picked from the storage space similar to the way a vending machine works, the company says. In addition, Vertique’s system can simultaneously replenish, store and pick orders, and then arrange them in custom product palletizing for order-specific loads. It also features automated de-palletizing, route picking and shipping with Advanced Ship Notice.
The process begins with an in-depth analysis to review and recommend the level of automation needed for each customer’s volume, speed and space requirements. Vertique then installs the system onsite, helps train employees, and follows through with a customized service package, preventative maintenance inspections and routine onsite visits.
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