Wulftec Leads Pack in Stretchwrap Innovations

Wulftec produces a wide range of stretchwrappers from economical semi-automatic models to fully customized automatic systems. Stretch-wrappers include Allen Bradley PLC for more flexibility, AC-variable frequency drives and motors, heavy-duty steel construction and No-Thread powered pre-stretch carriage. The company’s products can help maximize productivity, minimize downtime, reduce manpower and decrease film costs.
Newest releases include the Wring-500 and semi-automatic Value Line. The Wring-500 automatic rotary ring wrapper offers increased productivity. The model has high-speed wrapping for increased versatility with productivity at speeds up to 120 loads per hour. In addition, the machine has versatility in wrap patterns as well as film saving with one way wrapping. The Wring-500 also features banding and split wrap capabilities. Its carbon fiber ring is lighter and more resistant for best response to speed change. The machine also has radio frequency technology for reduced maintenance.
The Wring-500 benefits from Wulftec engineering which has refined the boundaries of rotary ring wrappers with:

An infrared film tail seaming device that ensures a full width seal.

No-thread powered pre-stretch carriage with tilting film mandrel for fast and easy film loading.

Counterweight system for smooth, safer operation without vibration.

Self-aligning, maintenance free polyurethane horizontal and vertical ring guiding wheels.
Also new are Wulftec’s Value Line pallet wrappers for cost-effective pallet wrapping applications. The line ensures maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs for affordability, versatility and reliability. A step above hand wrapping, the semi-automatic Value line is suited for low-volume users, offers easy machine set-up for first time users, has an easy-to-use control panel and features a fold down tower for easier installation and transport.
Both models, the WVL-075 and WVL-100, are capable of running up to 40 loads per hour of up to 3,000 pounds on their 58-inch diameter turnable. The WVL-075 can be used with pre-stretched film or netting and works in manual and automatic modes. It offers manual carriage up and down switch, film overlap control and adjustable turntable speed. The WVL-100 model can run powered pre-stretched film up to 300 percent, which offers a savings on film usage. Film is delivered on the WVL-100 model through its 20-inch No-Thread powered pre-stretch carriage. This model has a programmable logic controller, auto-height sensing photoeye and variable time speed.
All of Wulftec’s stretchwrappers come with The Wulftec Promise and industry leading warranties. Every Wulftec machine is engineered and built by the company’s 200 skilled employees and boasts all-steel construction for increased stability and strength. The equipment is built to last and wrap load after load, year after year. — Wulftec International Inc., 209 Wulftec, Ayer’s Cliff, Québec, Canada J0B 1C0; 819/838-4232; www.wulftec.com