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The latest innovations in distribution equipment
Bendix’s ABS-6 Advance with ESP stability system is the only complete stability solution that reduces rollovers and jackknifes through advanced sensing and automatic application of vehicle brakes. No matter what the driving condition, the system improves vehicle control by employing all-axle braking for better performance on dry surfaces and delivers individual wheel-end braking for optimal response on slippery surfaces. The system is a standard offering or data book option on Class 7 and Class 8 vehicles from most tractor OEMs, and is currently being adapted to straight trucks. To learn more visit
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake’s air disc brakes improve brake responsiveness with passenger car-like feel, provide exceptional stopping capability, improve brake balance and wear and minimize service. When traveling at 60 miles per hour, air disc brakes will stop up to 39 percent shorter than the current FMVSS 121 requirements. Bendix air disc brakes are proven compatible when used in combination with North American air drum brakes. By using air disc brakes with 17-inch rotors, fleets are able to go 30-50 percent longer between brake replacements, resulting maintenance costs savings. To learn more visit
Pacbrake has detailed and specific information on the design and features of its engine and exhaust brakes, which help reduce maintenance costs on service brakes. Engine braking is the act of using the energy-requiring compression stroke of the internal combustion engine to dissipate energy and slow a vehicle. An exhaust brake turns the engine into an air compressor, which absorbs energy, and the resulting retarding effect slows the engine and vehicle. To learn more visit
Caterpillar’s Mid-Range C7 engine with ACERT technology is an in-line, six-cylinder diesel available with a wide range of horsepower ratings — 190 to 350 at 2,400 rpm, and torque ratings from 520 to 860 pounds per foot at 1,600 rpm. Designed to take full advantage of a “gear fast, run slow” strategy, the engine features Caterpillar’s HEUI fuel system for “unsurpassed” performance and reliability and has full electronic controls and features typically found only on heavy-duty diesel. To learn more visit
Cummins offers a wide range of diesel engines. Heavy-duty engine models include the ISX with ratings up to 565 hp, the ISM with ratings up to 450 hp and the ISL for heavy-duty, vocational or regional less-than-truckload truck applications. Medium duty engine models are the ISC in ratings from 240-315 hp and the ISB in ratings from 145-260 hp. It also offers high-performance alternative fuel engines. To learn more visit
Hand trucks
RWM Casters offers a large variety of strong, lightweight aluminum hand trucks and has a Build-a-Custom Hand Truck option to create fixed or convertible hand trucks for almost any application. Personalized logo strips can be added to the sides of any hand truck for promotional purposes and to help prevent theft. Accessory bags, small and large, are available to carry clipboards, scanners, tools or supplies. To learn more, phone 800/634-7704 or visit
Thieman Tailgates offers a full line of hydraulic liftgates for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Its pickup/service body liftgates, stowaway liftgates, side loaders, railgates and conventional liftgates come in a wide range of bed heights, platform widths and heights, ramps and load capacities to meet a variety of delivery needs. To learn more, phone 800/524-5210 or visit
Tommy Gate manufactures many models of hydraulic liftgates that can be mounted on many types of truck bodies, including compact, mid- and full-size pickup trucks, service and utility bodies and flatbed, stake and van bodies and cargo vans. Model choices and features allow for a large variety of lifting capacities, travel, platform types and sizes. To learn more, phone 800/LIFTGATE or visit
Waltco Truck Equipment manufactures more than 50 standard liftgate models — including rail-type, conventional, flipaway, level lift, side loader and pickup — in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. To learn more, phone 800/211-3074 or visit
Arrow Safety Device’s 4-inch Stop/Turn & Tail Pedestal Mount Lamp comes with a rubberized housing that is ideal for harsh environments and locations where lamps are susceptible to damage. Ideal for forklifts, the pedestal allows for the lamp to be mounted in just about any position. It is available in incandescent or LED. To learn more, phone 800/327-2514 or visit
Truck-Lite’s Super Strip-Lite is a new form of lightweight lighting using LEDs evenly spaced on a fabricated aluminum channel with evenly spaced diodes. Strip-Lites are available in two styles of extrusions, shaped either for mounting flat or into corners, and can be mounted almost anywhere with  minimal intrusion into cargo or workspaces. Because the strip of LEDs spreads light over a distance, lighting is even with minimal shadows. The white LED lighting is brighter and whiter than other forms of interior trailer lighting. To learn more, phone 800/562-5012 or visit
Arrow Safety Device’s 145 series is a 6-inch oval sealed stop/tail LED lamp available in both grommet-mount and surface-mount. When compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs consume as much as 90 percent less power (amp draw) which translates to less load on vehicle electrical systems. Because LEDs don’t have a filament that needs to heat up before generating light, as with incandescent, the LED light “fires” at its maximum output instantly, which can provide an extra 24 feet of stopping distance at 60 miles an hour. To learn more, phone 800/327-2514 or visit
Recaro North America’s Recaro Ergo MCI and MCII seat models have been developed particularly for commercial trucks to help reduce fatigue and stress so the driver can focus on the road. Because reducing the pressure on the spinal column is essential for correct ergonomic sitting, the backrest and specially shaped seat cushions provide spinal support. The seat cushion supports the body’s weight and helps absorb road vibrations and the seatback and side bolsters are designed to hold the driver firmly in place. The seats are available in many upholstery materials and several seat adjustments. To learn more, phone 800/8-RECARO or visit
National Seating’s 2000 Series seats are ergonomically designed to better fit the driver, offering improved comfort and support. Available in  Premium, Standard Plus and Standard models, features include an ergonomic seat cushion — adjustable in three directions for improved leg circulation; contoured bolsters for longer cushion life and more side support; enhanced lumbar support; integrated heat rest and a re-engineered base for improved side-to-side stability. The seats come in several upholstery materials with a wide variety of options. To learn more, phone 800/222-7328 or visit
Bridgestone’s R260F is a deep-tread steer radial tire for regional, short-haul and pickup and delivery operations. With a tread depth more than 20 percent deeper than standard steer radials, it provides long wear in the very high-scrub environment of urban and regional hauling. The tread is also wider than standard, improving wear and making it easy to retread for drive axle use. Other design elements absorb irregular wear forces and fight curbing. The R260F is available in both standard and low-profile sizes, with “G” and “H” load ratings, for 22.5 and 24.5-inch wheels. To learn more, phone 800/543-7522 or visit
Bridgestone’s M725 radial drive tire is specially designed for extra long and even wear on single-drive axle tractors and straight trucks. With an extra-deep 30/32-inch tread, it offers long tread life, high traction and retreadability. The M725 incorporates a tread design that digs in and holds on snow and other soft surfaces, better resists the torque generated by single drive axle vehicles, combats stone retention that can lead to casing damage and loss of retreadability, and provides high traction on wet pavement. To learn more, phone 800/543-7522 or visit
Bandag’s recently launched new product, called BDV, is a good fit for the beverage industry. BDV is for all wheel positions on pickup and deliver vehicles where irregular wear from corners and curbs presents a maintenance challenge. BDV offers a deep 22/32-inch tread depth which reduces maintenance expenses for fleet managers. To learn more, phone 563/262-1400 or visit
Michelin’s X One XDA-HT Plus wide single tire is designed use in weight-sensitive, long-haul and regional operations. The sixth addition to its series of weight- and fuel-saving wide single commercial truck tires, it is engineered to replace dual tires and has a longer original tread life because of increased tread depth and wider tread. Designed for additional mileage and optimum retreadability, the tire also has improved wet traction, a quieter running tread design and reduced stone retention. To learn more, visit
The Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by Pressure Systems International (PSI) has two new enhancements to its automatic tire inflation system. One is specifically designed for steer axles on Class 8 tractors. The other is a new wheel-end heat sensor package to warn of an impending wheel bearing failure. Including steer tires within the MTIS is expected to reduce tire wear, boost fuel economy and eliminate the need for drivers to hand-check tire pressure. The wheel-end heat sensor package contains a special heat-sensitive material designed to melt at the heat threshold for a wheel-end failure. Once it melts, it activates a blue light on the dashboard and causes a wailing sound to come from the wheel end to signal the driver to stop immediately. To learn more, visit or
Eaton’s new fully automated Fuller UltraShift HV (Highway Value) medium-duty transmission is been designed “to deliver fuel savings superior to its competitors” by allowing the engine to consistently operate in the most fuel-efficient portion of the performance curve. A fully automated transmission system, the HV is designed for Class 6 and 7 vehicles with diesel engines in the 195 to 260 hp. and can handle torque capacities up to 660 lb.-ft. and loads up to 33,000 lbs. gvw. A key feature is the “Hill Assist” which automatically minimizes rollback on up to 10% grades while the operator makes the transition from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
Eaton’s heavy-duty Fuller UltraShift LHP (Line-haul High Performance) transmission is for on-highway applications where superior low-end and high-end performance and excellent ratio coverage are required to handle varying terrain and load conditions. Providing fully automatic “two-pedal” operation, the LHP is capable of handling torque capacities up to 1,750 pounds per foot and loads up to 110,000 pounds gcw. It features 13 speeds plus a selectable low starting gear of 12.2-to-1 and progressive gearing that provides gathered ratios in the low-end and high-end gears for superior startability and better operating efficiency because the engine operates within a tighter rpm range. To learn more, visit
Allison Transmissions’ Highway Series automatic transmissions are designed with increased ratings in horsepower, torque and gcw. These transmissions make trucks and drivers more productive because automatics are easier to operate than manuals and allow a driver to better focus his attention on driving. To learn more, visit 
Truck starting
KPI’s Dieselmatic NVT (New Valve Technology) is a low-cost intelligent engine starting fluid injection system for today’s smart engines. The system is compatible with an engine’s electronic control module and has a low current draw. The NVT can reduce cold weather operating costs by improving cold start performance, lessening wear and tear on starters and batteries, reducing engine idling for fear of “no-starts” and eliminating the use of ether. To learn more, phone 847/658-8561 or visit
Lubes & Fluids
Citgo Petroleum’s new Citgo QuatraSyn synthetic transmission fluid has been engineered to “deliver unsurpassed performance” while helping heavy-duty powershift and automatic transmissions “stand up to excessive loads and severe operating conditions.” The fluid is a blend of synthetic base stocks and special additives that allow it to remain in the transmission system longer, enabling fleets to extend drain and filter intervals and reduce the cost of fluid replacement. To learn more visit
Shell’s new Rotella Extended Life Coolant (ELC) Conversion Kit provides everything needed in one box to quickly, easily and economically convert a heavy-duty diesel engine’s cooling system from conventional to extended life coolant. Once the conversion has been made, protection is provided for up to 600,000 miles or 12,000 hours of service. A typical conversion takes less than an hour to perform, does not require draining and refilling of coolant and the cooling system will not need to have supplemental coolant additives. To learn more, phone 800/782-7852 or visit
SafetyFirst Systems offers programs that serve as early warning systems to identify “unsafe” drivers and to help drivers improve their performance through screened behavior observation reports. Along with helping lower accident rates, its driver-monitoring programs can enhance a fleet’s public image by demonstrating its concern for public safety by making it easy to report driving performance. Safety coaching to encourage drivers to pay extra attention to their own driving can then be provided. To learn more, phone 888/603-6987 or visit
The Eaton Vorad BackSpotter is a rear object detection system designed to warn drivers that they are approaching an object behind the vehicle while in reverse. It features radar-based technology that is effective in detecting objects under poor visibility conditions — such as rain, snow, sun glare and darkness, when mirrors and camera systems are not as effective. When the vehicle is in reverse and the BackSpotter detects an object in the coverage area — 15 feet wide by 15 feet long behind the vehicle — it reports the obstacle by activating audible and visual alerts on the driver’s display unit. To learn more, visit
Delphi’s Forewarn Collision Warning Systems are designed to warn drivers of pedestrians and obstacles in their blind spots to the front, sides (side alert) and rear (back-up aid) of the vehicle. By providing a 360-degree electronic cocoon around the perimeter of the vehicle using radar sensors, the devices warn drivers with both audible and visible alerts when objects are present in visually obstructed areas around the vehicle. To learn more, visit
Reflexite manufactures a variety of microprismatic retroreflective materials for the trucking industry, including conspicuity material to help make trucks more visible and fleet graphics packages to enhance brand recognition and identity. It also makes reflective trim for high visibility garments and can accommodate brand requirements such as corporate colors and logos with its specialty patches and shadow logo garment tape that embosses company logos. To learn more, phone 860/612-3216 or visit 
Lang-Mekra’s offers a camera system designed specifically for commercial vehicles, which when combined with a truck’s current mirror systems, greatly enhances the visibility of the driver by providing vision in “blind spots” — those areas that can not be seen directly or indirectly through the mirrors. The Mekra Proximity Sensor System enables a driver to recognize the distance between his vehicle and an unseen obstacle by way of ultrasonic (sound waves) technology. The system consists of at least four sensors, a control unit and an internal or external LED display. To learn more, phone 803/337-5262 or visit
TIRES & WHEELSThe Technology & Maintenance Council’s latest Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide, A Comprehensive Review Of Tread Wear And Tire Conditions is a fully illustrated, color handbook designed to be a reference source and training aid. It contains photographs and detailed descriptions and explanations of common radial tire failures and their causes. The guide also offers advice on how to correct these problems and what can be done with the damaged tires. To order, phone 800/ATA-LINE or visit 
Goodyear Tire & Rubber has revamped its new commercial tire Web site: The site includes more powerful tire-evaluation software tools, including the Tire Value Calc software which calculates new tire, retread and rotation changes that impact operating costs; new roadside assistance to reduce downtime and costs for tire-related emergencies; a wealth of information on tire inflation and load capacities to help maximize tire wear and performance, and detailed service manuals that specify tire inflation, vibration solutions and proper alignment.
The Technology & Maintenance Council’s completely revised, full-color User’s Guide to Wheels & Rims is intended to help drivers and service technicians spot wheel, rim and fastener problems, and help fleets minimize the risk of wheel separation. This manual offers what TMC regards “as the best maintenance practices for medium- and heavy-duty wheels and rims in accordance with all DOT regulations.” To order, phone 800/ATA-LINE or visit 
The National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Industry Resources Catalog describes an array of products, including buyer’s guides, directories, news publications, customized databases, technical information and vehicle certification, and regulatory and legislative information. To request a copy, phone 800/441-NTEA or visit
Unique Truck Equipment’s Truck Safety and Maintenance Products Buyer’s Guide features specialty products designed to help increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime and maximize worker and driver safety. For a free copy, phone 800/777-4855 or fax 616/245-4918.
Truck-Lite’s Lighting User’s Guide is a manual on vehicular safety lighting on a variety of important topics, including Basics of Electricity, Why Lights Fail and How to Prevent It, New Advancements in Lighting Technology, Truck-Lite Support Tools and Glossary of Industry Terms. Small enough to fit into any tool or glove box, the 4.5 inch by 8 inch spiral-bound manual contains 66 full-color pages of lighting and electrical know-how. To request a copy, phone 800/562-5012 or send an e-mail to
The American Truck Dealers (ATD)/National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) Official Commercial Truck Guide provides 10 model years of retail, loan and wholesale values for all makes and models of Classes 2-8 commercial trucks, tractors and trailers. MSRP, gvw and gcw data is also included. There is a comprehensive option and accessory listings for medium-duty trucks, as well as light- and medium-duty mileage adjustments. The valuation guide is available by subscription in print, Web, CD-ROM and other electronic formats. To learn more visit
The Truck Blue Books from Primedia Price Digests provide 20 years of medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck, truck body and trailer identification and values. The guides include VIN identifiers, component specs, optional equipment, mileage, gvw/gcw and factory SRP. This data is offered via printed books, Internet CD and data extracts. To learn more visit