Distribution Resource Guide

The latest products on the market for transportation and distribution needs
Caterpillar’s 2007 on-highway engine line consists of four models — the mid-range 7.2-liter C7 (190 to 300 horsepower (hp)), 9.3-liter C9 (285 to 350 hp), the heavy-duty 12.5-liter C13 (vocational truck ratings of 305 to 370 hp; line-haul truck ratings of 380 to 470 hp) and 15.2-liter C15 (435 to 625 hp). To meet the new, stricter 2007 emissions standards, the engines are equipped with the company’s ACERT technology (which includes series turbochargers, variable valve control, high-pressure multiple injection fuel system, Cat electronics control systems and oxidation catalyst) with an enhanced combustion process called Clean Gas Induction, closed crankcase ventilation system and diesel particulate filter system with active regeneration.
Cummins offers a full lineup of 2007 model diesel engines for heavy-duty (ISX — 400 to 600 hp; ISM — 280 to 410 hp; ISL — 310 to 350 hp) and medium-duty (ISC—240 to 315 hp; ISB — 185 to 275 hp) truck applications. The engines’ high-pressure fuel injection, combined with the Holset Variable Geometry Turbocharger, provide quick acceleration, optimal performance and quiet operation. For reduced emissions, the engines feature cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a fully integrated Cummins particulate filter. The company says: “Performance will be the same or better than today; fuel efficiency will be comparable to today; reliability and durability will be the same or better than today, and service intervals (oil, oil filter, fuel filter, coolant, etc.) will be unchanged.”
For 2007, Detroit Diesel will have three redeveloped engines: the medium-duty 7.2-liter MBE 900 (170 to 300 hp), the heavy-duty Series 60 (330 to 575 hp) and MBE 4000 (350 to 450 hp). The engines meet the new emissions requirements by using the next generation engine management system and an exhaust after-treatment system that includes a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter. Along with meeting emissions targets, the company says the set-up helps maximize fuel economy and performance, enables the engines to run smoother and improves the overall sound quality.
Allison Transmissions’ Highway Series of automatic transmissions have extended torque ranges and higher gross vehicle weight capacities that provide for greater engine options. The automatic transmissions “provide superior productivity, ease of use, improved operating safety and low maintenance costs,” the company says. The smooth, seamless shifts virtually eliminate driveline component shock. Because there is no power interruption during shift changes, the series offers higher wheel horsepower, so less engine horsepower is needed to move the truck.
ArvinMeritor’s ZF-FreedomLine Transmission is a fully automated mechanical transmission. By eliminating the clutch pedal, it completely eliminates clutch actuation for starts and stops. Operators have the option to choose automatic or manual mode, depending on driver preference or road conditions. “A two-pedal automated transmission, it weighs less than competitive systems, responds faster, uses less fuel and automatically adjusts for varying loads,” the company says.
Eaton’s Fuller UltraShift HV (Highway Value) medium-duty transmission can provide fuel economy benefits from 7 to 19 percent compared to the conventional automatic transmission, depending upon the application, recent independent test results have shown. The transmission is particularly suited for diesel-engine Class 6 and 7 vehicles used in pickup and delivery applications. A key feature is the Hill Assist which automatically minimizes rollback on grades as steep as 10 percent while the operator makes the transition from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
Bridgestone’s R260F is a deep, wide tread steer radial tire for regional, short-haul and pickup and delivery operations. It has thick sidewall protector ribs to reduce damage from curbing. Its R196 radials are designed to provide extended life on any trailer position, thanks to a special scrub-resistant tread compound that runs cool to help it wear more slowly. The Bridgestone M725 drive radial tire is intended for extra long, even wear on single-drive axle tractors and straight trucks. It incorporates technology that fights “heel and toe” wear — the most common type of irregular wear on drive tires — and reduces the need to rotate tires to equalize wear.
Goodyear’s Unisteel G182 RSD is a high-mileage regional drive tire that features long life and quiet performance in demanding city and regional applications where tires take a beating from constant scrubbing and curbing. It has a graduated tie-bar on the shoulder that provides added strength and improved traction as well as reduced irregular wear. Its G395 is a line-haul steer tire is engineered for improved tire performance with more uniform wear and more miles to removal. Goodyear’s all-position service G169 RSA tire incorporates increased stiffness to reduce cupping and wear, and has features to help provide uniform wear and improve miles to removal.
Hankook Tire has a number of radial tires suited for beverage delivery applications. Designed for pickup and delivery straight trucks in urban conditions are the all-position AH11 tire and the traction DH01 drive tire. For local and regional-haul tractor trailers, the company offers the AH12 all-position tire and the Z35A, deep-tread, super-traction tire. Hankook’s DL01 is a long-distance drive axle tire.
K-10 Enterprizes’ Eyeball Mirror can virtually eliminate dangerous blind spots behind beverage delivery vehicles. “Used in conjunction with standard rear-view mirrors, the reflected image provides the driver with the vision needed to avoid potential accidents behind the vehicle,” the company says.
Anthony Liftgates’ Magnum RailTrac is a heavy-duty hydraulic liftgate with lifting capacities of 3,500, 4,500, 5,500 or 6,500 pounds. Designed for long life with minimal maintenance, it comes standard with longer-service-life dual pump and motor units. Each unit will act as a back-up to the other, eliminating the need for an auxiliary pump and motor. Platform lift cylinders are mounted on self-aligning swivel ends that prevent damage to cylinder pistons. The liftgate also has no rollers or roller bearings to wear or replace inside the vertical tracks.
Holland’s DH Series of direct hydraulic twin column liftgates are available in 4,500-, 5,500- and 6,600-pound capacities. Its Truck Master TL Series of heavy-duty aluminum or steel platform fold-away liftgates are offered in 4,000- and 5,000-pound capacities. Both series are engineered to minimize downtime. The DH Series features Holland’s Level-Ride System, which ensures the liftgate completes its cycle, even in low voltage or off-center loading conditions. Standard features include power up/power down, power open/power close, twin motor power pack and built-in recessed tail lights for protection from damage. The TL Series, designed to handle heavy loads while providing a perfectly level platform throughout the ground to deck travel cycle, has extra large platforms with flat “zero taper” wedge designs.
Maxon Lift’s BMR-A columnlift has completely hydraulic operation, high lifting capacity, Ride Equalizer that maintains a level ride without the need for adjustments and requires little maintenance. Other features include face-seal fittings throughout to reduce the chance of leaks, easy access roller design and LED lights and bottom stops as standard equipment. An aluminum platform option reduces the weight of the gate by up to 779 pounds.
Hand trucks
RMW Casters has two new lightweight aluminum hand trucks designed to replace the convertible hand truck: the Titan and Premium Titan Bulk Delivery Systems. Each features a zero turning radius, 1,200-pound capacity and holds 50 to 55 cases. The Premium Titan has a deck plate and foot release bar, and folds into an upright position, without removing the handles. The company’s HC line of convertible hand trucks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
Magline, provider of Magliner route distribution solutions, offers a variety of hand trucks and delivery trucks. Its hand trucks are constructed of aluminum and magnesium components “for the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.” The Gemini model easily changes from a two-wheel hand truck to a four-wheel platform truck. Its Rapid Delivery Trucks, designed for easier rollability, hold 1,200 pounds — up to 55 cases of cans or 25 cases of bottles — which are secured with a cargo containment curtain.
The multi-use Axiom 360 is a narrow, lightweight aluminum truck that provides 360-degree maneuverability and a 1,200-pound capacity. It has a 60-by-16-inch deck and removable 42-inch handle. With its Keg Mover accessory, the Axiom 360 can securely move six full (half-barrel) kegs or 11 empties.
Fleet maintenance software
Numerous fleet maintenance software programs and packages exist that are designed specifically to assist fleets in efficiently managing vehicles by performing a wide variety of tasks and functions. These include: asset management; tracking fleet activities, operating costs and expenses; fuel use and mileage tracking; managing preventive maintenance schedules; alerts for Department of Transportation vehicle inspections; maintenance-due and maintenance-overdue; work order creation and processing; inventory control and tracking with auto-reordering; permit, registration and license tracking and renewal reminders; warranty claims and recovery, and data integration into any number and types of reports. Among the makers of such software are:
CFAWin, www.cfasoftware.com
CompuFleet, www.compufleet.com
EZ Maintenance, www.ez-maintenance.com
FastMaint CMMS, www.smglobal.com
FleetMax, www.leetmaxsoftware.com
TATEMS, www.tatems.com
TRANSMAN, www.tmtsoftware.com
Truck Tracker 5, www.fleet-maintenance.com
Industry associations you’ll want to know
American Highway Users Alliance – A non-profit advocacy organization serving as the united voice of the transportation community promoting safe, less congested highways and enhanced freedom of mobility. Web: www.highways.org
American Truck Historical Society – A not-for-profit international organization dedicated to preserving the history of trucks, the trucking industry and its pioneers. Web: www.aths.org
National Association of Fleet Administrators – A not-for-profit individual membership professional society serving the needs of members who manage equipment fleets. Web: www.nafa.org
National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States – A non-profit museum with emphasis on post World War II cars and trucks, but with vehicles on display from 1908 “high wheelers” to current production pick-ups. Web: www.natmus.org
National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances – A non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing uniformity of traffic laws and regulations through the timely dissemination of information and model legislation on traffic safety issues. Provides a toll-free information clearinghouse on motor vehicle laws and ordinances, and an online shortcut to state motor vehicle laws. Web: www.ncutlo.org
National Private Truck Council – Devoted exclusively to the interests of the private corporate trucking fleet industry and its professional practitioners. Web: nptc.org
Society of Automotive Engineers – A non-profit international educational and scientific organization dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity. Develops and disseminates technical and information on all forms of self-propelled vehicles. Web: www.sae.org
Technology and Maintenance Council – Addresses the operations and technology needs of truck users by providing technical information for those responsible for spec’ing and maintaining commercial vehicles and equipment. Web: www.truckline.com/aboutata/councils/tmc
The Road Information Program – A non-profit organization that promotes transportation policies that relieve traffic congestion, improve air quality, make highway travel safer and enhance economic productivity. Web: www.tripnet.org