Taster’s Voice

Our test group of competitive swimmers and their coach liked the concept of Gatorade Endurance Formula, and indicated they would be inclined to purchase such a drink after an intense workout or competition. Overall, they thought the flavor was a little more diluted than regular Gatorade, and the high tech package graphics were a hit.
Pumped up Gatorade
PepsiCo’s Gatorade division has introduced Gatorade Endurance Formula, a new specialized sports drink for intense workouts. The product contains twice the sodium (200 mg.) and three times the potassium (90 mg.) of regular Gatorade as well as chloride, calcium and magnesium. Not intended for the casual athlete, the new formula is designed to replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat during longer, more intense activity such as all-day tournaments or training for marathons or competitions. Like traditional Gatorade, the formula contains 6 percent carbohydrates. The product is available nationwide in 32-ounce bottles and 50.2-ounce instant mix containers. Flavors include Lemon-Lime, Orange and Fruit Punch, and it retails for $1.69 per bottle.
Here’s the skinny…
“It’s cool.” — Laura
“The package is appealing to the eye.” — Johanna
“I like the package.” — Jenna
“Great.” — Kathleen
“It tasted a little watery, but if I were working out a long time, I’d appreciate that.” — Laura
“It’s pretty good.” — Kathleen
“Pretty good, but a little watery.” — Johanna.
“It’s good.” — Jenna
Would you buy it (or ask your parents to buy it)?
“Yes, I would buy it.” — Jenna
“I would ask my parents to buy it so I could drink it after swimming.” — Kathleen
“I would ask them to buy it.” — Johanna
Last call
“I like that they’re heading more toward intense athletes than the average person because the average person doesn’t need all the sodium and carbs.” — Laura