Taster’s Voice

BI took Go Fast Light energy drink to a group of fitness instructors attending a two-week course in a new exercise discipline called Gyrotonics. These fitness buffs liked the packaging, were mixed on their taste assessments, but in agreement that they would look for a less medicinal alternative to boost their energy levels.
Lighter, faster
Following the trend of taking the sugar out of energy drinks (as goes the sugar, so goes the carbs), Go Fast Energy Drink now has a light version. The light formula, Go Fast Light, has 20 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrates, as well as all the energy-enhancing ingredients of the original version such as taurine, guarana and Siberian ginseng. It’s sweetened with honey and sucralose, and goes for $2 a can.
This month’s contenders: Katie, Anne, Juergen, Gia and John.
Here’s the skinny…
“Cool looking!” — Anne
“Nice package, catchy.” — John
“Logo is too subtle, hard to see or recognize.” — Juergen
“Initially refreshing, but it has a bad aftertaste; too artificial.”  — Gia
“I like it, not too sweet, good combination between bitter and sweet.” — Juergen
“Bad aftertaste and artificial flavor.” — Anne
“Tastes like crushed up vitamins.”  — Katie
Would you buy it: 
“No, I didn’t like the taste, it was like drinking vitamins. And I don’t like the fact that it’s artificially sweetened.” — Katie
“No, I like another energy drink better.” — Anne
Go Fast Light
Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co., Denver
Internet: Gofastsports.com
Telephone: 303/893-1222
Distribution: Regional
Ingredients: Carbonated water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, honey, sodium citrate, caffeine, sucralose, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, taurine, ribose, Siberian ginseng, guarana extract, ginkgo biloba, inositol and milk thistle herb.