Label Applicator
Axon Corp. has introduced the EZ-Seal 300SL, a high-speed shrinksleeve label applicator capable of applying labels on as many as 300 containers per minute. The EZ-Seal 300SL is the latest addition to Axon’s EZ-Seal line of heat-shrinkable sleeve label applicators. This new machine can accommodate most full-body sleeve applications, running film thickness as thin as 35 microns. The 300SL features a small footprint and includes the applicator and heat tunnel, which will integrate with existing conveyors.
— Axon Corp., 1341 Express Dr., Raleigh, N.C. 27603; 800/598-8601;
Valve package
Valco has introduced 300-Series electric valves in a 15-mm. wide package. With advanced solenoid technology, the 300-Series valves are capable of applying extremely short patterns at high machine speeds, according to the company. An adjustable stroke version is also available to enhance dotting performance. Valco's purge switch is located on the front of the valve and the nozzle size is clearly imprinted on the outside of the tip. The valve is fully sealed with an 18-inch cable for immersion in water for cleaning. A lightweight plunger features a carbide ball seating on a ceramic nozzle tip for a longer lifecycle. The 300-Series valve is suited for applications in the envelope, mailer, and folding carton industries as well as other high-speed graphics and paper converting uses. Additionally, it can be stacked, which makes it appropriate for specialty folder gluers and other cross-web applications.
— Valco Cincinnati, 411 Circle Freeway Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246; 513/874-6550;
Wash-down valve
Rexroth has developed a pneumatic valve manifold system for wash-down applications. Clean Line Series CL03 features a hygienic design and high protection class. The Series CL03 valve system has an IP69K protection class rating for high-pressure wash down as high as 1450 psi. Benefits to the customer include improved system performance because valves are mounted closer to the actuators. With a high flow of up to 0.85Cv, the valves can perform many tasks. Options include multi-pin connection or serial communication for major protocols, which allow the use of Rexroth advanced diagnostic capabilities. The CL03 consists of individual subbases in inch or ISO-G ports, and the system can be expanded up to 16 valves in single valve increments. Since each valve can be individually supplied with two different pressures, one valve system can handle up to 32 different pressures.
– Bosch Rexroth Corp., 5150 Prairie Stone Pkwy., Hoffman Estates, Ill. 60192-3707; 847/645-3600;
Versatile homogenizer
APV, a subsidiary of Invensys plc, has announced the return of the 15MR Lab Scale Homogenizer. The company’s 15MR and 31MR lab-scale homogenizers have been designed to process many different types of products in the chemical, food, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Featuring a simple design, the homogenizers employ a single-plunger, positive-displacement pump equipped with a versatile homogenizing valve assembly, specifically designed for use within a laboratory or pilot plant. In addition to offering a special dampener assmebly to control gauge fluctuations, the motor turns an eccentric shaft, which causes the plunger to reciprocate, and homogenizing pressure is controlled by a hand wheel. The APV lab scale 15MR and 31MR homogenizers can be supplied with a single-stage homogenizing valve assembly or a two-stage valve assembly. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is standard for homogenizing valves, seats and impact rings. For abrasive applications, a special tungsten carbide material is also available. Both models are available in versions that can accommodate complete wash down or sterile environments.
— Invensys, 100 South CP Ave. Lake Mills, Wis. 53551; 888/278-4321;
Grease dispenser
Trico Manufacturing Corp. has introduced Streamliner V grease dispensers that apply a precise flow of grease and can be used as an alternative to fully integrated lube systems or manual lubrication. Available pre-filled in an economical 250 cc reservoir capacity, the Streamliner V contains an electro-chemical drive that produces inert nitrogen for operation. The unit can be deactivated and adjusted as necessary and features variable feed rates of one, two, three, six and 12 months with an auto-purge cut out.
– Trico Manufacturing Corp., 1235 Hickory St., Pewaukee, Wis. 53072-3999; 262/691-9471;
Loading dock guard
Rite-Hite recently introduced Frommelt Rainguard RG-3000 header seals to eliminate water and snow accumulation at the loading dock, preventing product damage during loading and unloading. Featuring 15 inches of trailer coverage, the Rainguard can accommodate a wide range of trailers with the ability to seal the tops of trailers from 12 feet to 14 feet tall. Its design also includes Neotec front-impact plates, flexible plate attachment and a sloped, pivoting canopy header.
— Rite-Hite, 8900 N. Arbon Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. 53223; 414/355-2600;
Container rinser
Ambec has introduced a new space-saving Ionized Air Gripper Rinser for rinsing production containers. The rinser is 15 feet in length and features a small footprint for small production areas, according to the company. Rinsing containers with ionized air, the Ionized Air Gripper can be used for plastic bottles in the beverage industry.
— Ambec Inc., 10330 S. Dolfield Rd., Owings Mills, Md. 21117; 410/363-4400;
Listeria detector
3M Microbiology now offers a Petrifilm Plate for detecting environmental Listeria. The method delivers results within 31 hours of sampling and features three ways to interpret results. Plates require no enrichment and use the familiar Petrifilm plate design, which improves productivity and reduce costs, according to the company. The qualitative, semi-qualitative and quantitative result interpretation options allow plants to develop baselines, monitor trends and survey hot spots.
— 3M Microbiology, 3M Center, Bldg. 275-5W-05, St. Paul, Minn. 55133-3275; 651/733-1213;
Rate controller
Fluid Metering Inc. has debuted the V200 Stroke Rate Controller for control of FMI V-Series Variable Speed Metering Pumps. Designed for accurate fluid metering in laboratory R&D, test stand, pilot plant and production applications, the V200 Controller allows pump speed settings to be adjusted manually using a digital potentiometer or electronically using a 4-20mA interface. In addition to controlling fluid flow from 0 to 4 liters per minute in forward and reverse directions, it can also change flow direction by using the toggle switches. The V200 is compatible with Fluid Metering’s RHV, QV, QVG and Q2V Ratio:Matic pump models. Equipped with a multi-position stand with key slot holes for wall mounting or countertop operation, the V200 also comes with accessories such as low-flow fittings, rotational sensors and pulse dampeners.
— Fluid Metering Inc., 5 Aerial Way, Ste. 500, Syosset, N.Y. 11791; 800/223-3388;
RFID solution
Markem Corp. has launched its Applied Intelligence solutions, which apply radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and electronic product codes and manage the resulting digital identity throughout the supply chain. With the new technology, Markem can incorporate the RFID solutions in production lines, distribution centers and third-party logistics partners as well as other points in the supply chain where necessary using state-of-the-art imaging equipment and software. Applied Intelligence solutions offer the means to automatically program and apply RFID tags to cases and pallets at production line speeds. - Markem Corp., 150 Congress St., Keene, N.H. 03431-7100; 603/352-1130;
Water-resistant adhesive
ADM Tronics Unlimited now offers Unex 6195, an aqueous laminating adhesive that is water resistant when bonded. Recommended for film laminations that use metalized polyester or metalized polypropylene requiring water-proof bonds, Unex 6195 has been proven to withstand two weeks submersion in water. The adhesive contains no organic solvents and can be used on conventional laminating equipment. – ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., 224-S Pegasus Ave., Northvale, N.J. 07647; 201/767-6040;
Ion testing
Thermo Electron Corp. has introduced Orion Ion Test Kits for drinking water and food and beverage applications. The test kits are available for ISE measurements of fluoride, in accordance with Standard Methods 4500-F, chloride and sodium. Sodium and chloride test kits are available for salt analysis. Orion 720Aplus pH/ISE meter, either an ionplus fluoride, an ionplus chloride or a Ross Sodium combination electrode and other accessories are included in each order. Complete pH meter packages are also available. – Thermo Electron Corp., 81 Wyman St., P.O. Box 9046, Waltham, Mass. 02451; 781/622-1000;
Beverage transfer tubing
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp. has introduced Tygoprene Pump Tubing, Formulation XL-60. The tubing is considered an alternative to silicone and PVC when a longer pump life is required, according to the company. Featuring chemical resistance to a wide range of fluids, the translucent tubing complies with FDA CFR 21, 177.1210 criteria and is NSF listed under standard 51. Applications for the Tygoprene Pump Tubing include chemical transfer and cold or hot beverage transfer. - Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp., 2664 Gilchrist Rd., Akron, Ohio 44305; 800/798-1554;
Conveyor systems
Span Tech LLC has introduced WhisperTrax, a family of modular flexible conveyors. The ST-PLN Straight Closed Top Conveyor, the first unit of the modular system, is recommended for transporting packaged items, assembly work and applications traditionally using a belt conveyor. Available in 12 belt widths from 7.31 inches to as wide as 46.28 inches and a speed range from 5 to 75 feet per minute, the ST-PLN comes with a bed section fully assembled. – Span Tech LLC, 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, Ky. 42141; 270/651-9166;
Handheld measurer
Kernco Instruments Co. Inc. now offers digital refractometers in three models. The LCD digital refractometers are battery operated and designed for accurate Brix, solid and concentration measurement in ranges of 0 to 35 percent and 28 to 65 percent with readability of 0.1 percent. Weighing only 8 ounces, the units are handheld. In addition to automatic measurement with an optical sample prism, automatic temperature compensation and a stainless-steel sample stage, the refractometers feature an automatic shut-off and displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. – Kernco Instruments Co. Inc., 420 Kenazo Dr., El Paso, Texas 19928-7339; 915/852-3375;
Film selection
AET Films has introduced a selection of films and labels for beverage packaging. Its line of matte oriented polypropylene (OPP) labels are for upscale beverage and food packaging. Recommended for product labeling, flexible packaging, overwrap, graphic media, and industrial and holographic applications, OPP films are durable and provide graphic appeal, according to the company. Additionally, the company has announced the launch of the CSL 231-125 OPP cut-and-stack label film for container decoration. CSL 231-125 is a white opaque film designed for sheet-fed presses for cut-and-stack labeling applications as well as roll-to-roll presses with in-line or out-of-line sheeting. The film features a thickness of 3.3 ml., a non-print surface and moisture resistance, and can accommodate many printing methods. AET’s Mirage holographic label films can be used for low-shrink and non-shrink roll-fed label applications, and are available in embossed and embossable base films. The company has also improved its 48 B503-2, a high-yield, transparent overlaminate film for roll-fed label applications that offers better hot-melt adhesion and film flatness, which provide a more uniform and stable coefficient of friction.
– Applied Extrusion Technologies Inc., 15 Read’s Way, New Castle, Del. 19720; 302/326-5500;
Humidity control solution
NuTemp was recently involved in solving a humidity issue at a Canadian automotive parts manufacturer. The climate-control solution provider determined the manufacturer needed to control humidity and temperature of make-up air fed to the manufacturing area by using a combination of NuTemp equipment. By implementing rental mechanical refrigeration and rental desiccant dehumidification, NuTemp was able to help control the make-up air conditions. NuTemp’s efforts resulted in an airflow at 20,000 CFM experiencing a temperature drop of 25 degrees, and relative humidity decreased from 47 percent to 27 percent. More importantly, after the first day of production, defects in the product decreased by 20 percent. “The problem of excessive humidity is a typical one at many plants,” says Melchor Isobal, international sales manager. “NuTemp is well-equipped to handle such issues head-on.”
— NuTemp Inc., 3348 S. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, Ill. 60623; 800/323-3977;
Vector-controlled inverters
Hitachi America Ltd. has introduced the SJ200 series of inverters. The SJ200 employs Sixth Generation Sensorless Vector Control technology, which eliminates a complicated auto-tuning process to achieve optimal performance. Incorporating Hitachi’s latest Inverter System Power Module, the SJ200 is a compact drive that features advanced trip avoidance function, side-by-side mounting capability, built-in timing logic and analog input math (PLC) functions, DIP-switch hand-off-ratio, removable control terminal connector and RS485 Modbus RTU communication interface. An optional NEMA4X keypad kit is also available.
— Hitachi America Ltd., 50 Prospect Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591; 914/524-6645;
Control valve brochure
Emerson has released a brochure for its Fisher Enviro-Seal valve-stem packing system, serving both environmental and non-environmental control valve applications. The 12-page brochure reviews the system's design principles that result in valve stem sealing to below 100 ppmv. The brochure also illustrates the company’s sliding stem and rotary valve systems. In other company news, Emerson Process Management, a branch of Emerson, has released version 6.2 of its AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager.
— Emerson, P.O. Box 4100, 8000 W. Florissant Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63136-8506; 314/553-2000;
Production software
Avantis, part of the production management division of Invensys plc, has announced Release 3.2 of the Avantis XA product line is available. Release 3.2 builds on capabilities of the IBM AS/400 hardware platform, Avantis XA with many new and advanced features designed to further enhance user productivity.
— Invensys plc, 33 Commercial St., Foxboro, Mass. 02035; 508/543-8750;
Steam traps
Flowserve Gestra, a subsidiary of Flowserve Corp. and supplier of steam trap solutions for flow control, has introduced the new Econoline series of steam traps. Featuring a compact energy-saving design, the Econoline series is available in three styles: thermostatic capsule, thermostatic bimetallic and thermodynamic disc. The Econoline series fits all existing universal connectors, and requires no initial setting or readjustment. Designed to prevent steam loss, the traps introduce a new level of steam trap performance in an economic and compact form, according to the company.
— Flowserve Corp., 5215 N. O'Connor Blvd., Ste. 2300 Irving, Texas 75039; 972/443-6500;
Conveyor frames
MRC Bearing Services has stainless steel take-up frames available for food industry conveyor systems that are designed to provide support for conveyor shafts and deliver correct conveyor belt tension while withstanding frequent washdowns and harsh food-industry chemicals. The design features side and bottom openings for draining during washdowns, and the frames comply with sanitation requirements of HAACP programs. Available in wide and narrow styles and in a range of frame sizes, they can be installed to conveyor systems with four mounting bolts.
— MRC Bearing Services, 1510 Gehman Rd., Kulpsville, Pa. 19443-0332; 215/513-4568;
Bottle feeder
Industrial Consortium and Nercon Manufacturing have introduced an infeed system for cooler or pasteurizer bottle feeding. The ICwedge is designed to handle non-round bottle difficulties associated with high-speed single-file feeding to mass flow in hot-fill applications. By increasing throughput by more efficient use of cooler space, the ICwedge also improves package quality by gently handling the containers.
— Industrial Consortium, 110 Gilmer St./P.O. Box 655, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; 877/990-5099;
Barcode printer
Squid Ink has launched CPS-1000, a case printing system that helps users eliminate purchasing pre-printed boxes. The CPS-1000 allows users to print as much as 1.4 inches of barcodes, graphics or text on corrugate cases.
— Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc., 1173 Osborne Rd., Spring Lake Park, Minn. 55432; 800/877-5658;
Wireless addition
LXE Inc. has announced the MX3X is available as part of its family of Windows CE.NET/Intel X-Scale-based rugged wireless computers. The horizontal half-screen computer offers a easy-in/easy-out vehicle mounting system, which allows the MX3X to be used as a vehicle-mounted or handheld computer. With its CE.NET operating system, customers have built-in access to Microsoft's .NET Compact framework. LXE also has added standard, long and advanced long-range integrated scanning options to its MX6 handheld computer, as well as Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. In addition to four integrated scanning options, the MX3X features an area imager, a full alphanumeric keypad and an oversized, color, 1/4-VGA display with touchscreen.
— LXE Inc., 125 Technology Pkwy., Norcross, Ga. 30092; 770/729-6643;
Digital servo drive
Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 digital servo drive. The expanded power ranges allow machine builders and end users to apply Kinetix 6000 servo drives with new power ranges from 1 kW to 11 kW (230V) and 2 kW to 22 kW (460V). The drive can be used for applications including packaging, material handling and converting. Features of the drive include New Line Interface Modules, which extend the power range of the control panel, a Power Rail, which simplifies the mounting and wiring of a servo system, and a Resistive Brake Module that provides electrical separation between a drive and motor. The additional Feedback-Only Axis provides support for two feedback devices on each Kinetix 6000 integrated axis module or axis module.
— Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Ave. S., Bloomington, Minn. 55438; 800/223-5354