Smart actuators

Spirax Sarco released its new AEL6 series of smart, high-speed linear electric actuators. The AEL6 range is designed to control steam and industrial fluids without the need for compressed air, the company says. For applications that require fast response from control valves and a high thrust fail-safe function, the AEL6 meets the fast-response and fail-safe requirements of typical steam heat exchanger applications within the institutional market. The AEL6 also offers reduced energy consumption, lifetime cost, carbon emissions and plant downtime because of its easy installation and commissioning, it adds.

• Spirax Sarco USA, 1150 Northpoint Blvd., Blythewood, S.C. 29016; 800/575-0394;


From storage to shelf

Delkor Systems Inc. launched a new packaging format that converts a corrugated shipping case into a retail-ready display. The patent-pending Cabrio Case is based on a conventional flange-seal case, which is formed with angled flaps that create a display that is open at the front and has a higher wall at the back. This case is top-loaded and sealed prior to distribution and then opened and tilted forward in the store to display the product on-shelf. This makes the Cabrio Case ideal for products that must be loaded flat for transit and then displayed upright, the company says. Precuts on the front and sides of the cases allow for easy tear-away of the case top, providing clean lines that enhance the display. Meanwhile, a tear strip is used on the back of the case, away from the customer’s view. In addition, the Cabrio Case has no perforations around the corners that could compromise the structural integrity of the container. The package’s rear wall also provides support for products presented in flexible packaging, the company adds.

• Delkor Systems Inc., 4300 Round Lake Road West, St. Paul, Minn. 55112; 800/328-5558;


Precise measuring

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group added a new precision digital pressure gauge to its broad range of pressure products.  The new Palmer Precision Test Gauge (PTG) features an almost 4-inch-in-diameter dial model that displays up to six digits on its backlit LCD screen. This unit also allows the user to select from as many as nine engineering units, including models measuring greater than 36,000 pounds per square inch.  Standard models are available with atmospheric reference choices of gauge, sealed gauge or absolute, and compound and differential models also are available. In addition, the Palmer PTG100 (pictured) is available in accuracies of 0.5 percent, 0.1 percent,
0.05 percent and 0.025 percent of full scale. This instrument can be used in place of precision mech-anical pressure gauges and is designed for use in field pressure calibration applications, the company says.

• Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group, 234 Old Weaverville Road, Asheville, N.C. 28804; 800/421-2853;


Gripping for shipping

Lantech now is making its popular Pallet Grip available as an optional feature on its G Series stretch wrapper, which was introduced last March. Pallet Grip works by locking the load to the pallet with a film cable, preventing the load from sliding off the pallet during transportation, the company says. It is operated by a mechanism inside the film delivery system that rolls the bottom 3-4 inches of film into a cable and attaches it just under the top boards of a pallet. This creates a load-to-pallet bond, helping prevent damage to products, the company says. The Pallet Grip option costs an additional $495.

• Lantech, 11000 Bluegrass Pkwy., Louisville, Ky. 40299; 800/866-0322;


Dual-shaft mixers

Charles Ross & Son Co. offers its Ross Dual-Shaft Mixers that can help to balance the bulk flow agitation and high-speed dispersion required in the processing of viscous pastes, gels, suspensions, slurries and emulsions. These machines feature two independently driven agitators than run at different speeds, imparting varying levels of shear and ensuring adequate turnover over a wide viscosity range, the company says. Production models are offered in many standard sizes up to 4,000 gallons in capacity. Specifically, its Dual-Shaft Mixer Model CDA-500 (pictured) has a maximum working capacity of 500 gallons. For production, its air/oil hydraulic lift raises and lowers the agitators into and from the mix can. For safety, its National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 12 safety limit switches prevent operation of the drives when the mix vessel or agitators are not in the proper position. All product-contact parts are made of stainless steel, and its heavy-duty Two-Wing Anchor Agitator and dual-blade High Speed Disperser are driven by 10 horsepower and 100 horsepower inverter-duty motors, respectively.

• Charles Ross & Son Co., 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788; 800/243-7677;


Measuring carbon monoxide

CO2 Meter offers a Global Reporting Initiative infrared carbon monoxide gas sensor that uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection technology for industrial-grade monitoring. The sensor measures with low interference from other gases while offering long-term stability, long life and high accuracy, the company says. It also features inlet and outlet ports for closed-loop monitoring of gas but requires a vacuum pump for this operation. Suitable for long-term detection, it also can be used for online monitoring or industrial process analysis.

• CO2 Meter, 131 Business Center Drive, Building A, Unit 3; Ormond Beach, Fla. 32174; 386/310-4933;


Video seam monitor

Wilkens-Anderson Co. (WACO) offers the VSM II Video Seam Monitor for fast, accurate quality inspection measurement for can double-seam cross-sections. The WACO VSM II is a high-resolution charge-coupled device camera and monitor with quality optics and a solid state light source for a sharp, bright 50x resolution image of the can seam, allowing for easy evaluation and measurement, the company says. The video seam monitor also includes a toggle switch for selecting a pair of crosshairs on the X or Y axis, adjustable illumination, and a built-in calibration procedure. It can be used as a standalone instrument or as part of a computerized seam quality control system. An optional video printer also is available, allowing the operator to print a hard copy of the can seam image in approximately 8 seconds.

• Wilkens-Anderson Co., 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433;


A new way to layer

GEA Process Engineering introduced Artis Evo, its latest development in palletizing technology. Artis Evo uses a new patent-pending system of layer-handling to save space, reduce maintenance costs and maintain high-speed production, the company says. The layer pick-up head, mono-column-type palletizer guarantees high performance using a compact system that allows operators high visibility and easy maintenance accessibility, it says. The pick-up head fits directly on the layer and picks the layer up as soon as it is ready. In this way, the system does not require a pusher, because it instead utilizes a special plate that moves underneath the layer. This innovation reduces machine cycle dead times and allows the machine to achieve speeds of up to six layers a minute. In addition, Artis Evo’s footprint is about 10-15 percent smaller than comparable machines due to its no-pusher design, making it easier to install in a facility, according to the company.

• GEA Process Engineering A/S; Gladsaxevej 305, P.O. Box 45 2860 Soborg, Denmark; 011/45-3954-5454;


Ergonomic electrics

Cat Lift Trucks introduced the new 2EPC8000-2EP11000 series of electric pneumatic tire lift trucks. With capacities ranging from 8,000 to 11,000 pounds, the new series features a productivity-enhancing design, premium ergonomics and a 20 percent increase in efficiency compared with the previous generation, the company says. The electric forklifts’ planetary drive axels provide added protection by helping prevent damage that can be caused by carrying heavy loads. An optional hydraulic accumulator also reduces the risk of damage to delicate loads during operation. In terms of productivity, the series is designed to complete more pallet movement cycles in each shift compared with similar trucks, which in turn enables the trucks to run up to two shifts on a single battery, in most cases. For comfortable operation, the series features a spacious cabin with a full-suspension seat and a full-compartment-length convenience tray. Plus, the truck’s batteries are readily accessible through side extraction. Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, the new series also can help operators reduce their overall fuel costs and emissions. 

• Cat Lift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, Texas 77043; 713/365-1000;


Dual-temperature dispensing

Perlick Corp. released its ArcticPour Advanced Refrigeration Technology, a draft beer dispensing system that can remotely dispense two different beer temperatures at the tap.  ArticPour’s technology consists of two main components: a refrigeration deck, which is listed by Underwriters Laboratories as suitable for outdoor use, and a separate glycol bath. These components work together to keep the beer at chilled keg temperature all the way to the tap, the company says. Additionally, when added to the glycol bath, ArcticPour’s flash chiller can cool one or more beer lines to 6 degrees below the keg temperature, resulting in the ability to serve beer from the tap at two different temperatures. This helps operators serve two different varieties of draft beer at their appropriate temperatures, the company says. For added flexibility and energy efficiency, the refrigeration deck can be located up to 100 feet away from the glycol bath. A refrigeration deck located outdoors can remove a heat load of up to 18,000 British thermal units an hour from the kitchen, saving on energy costs, it adds.

• Perlick Corp., 8300 W. Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, Wis. 53223; 800/558-5592;


Apple accessories

Infinite Peripherals offers the Linea Pro 4 mobile device accessory for distribution management applications. The Linea Pro 4 adds a barcode scanner and a magnetic stripe reader to the Apple iPod Touch or iPhone and works with custom software to create a mobile system for point-of-sale, inventory management, asset tracking, identification verification and lead tracking, among other capabilities. One of Infinite Peripherals’ customers, BevIntel, integrated the Linea Pro 4 with its Bev Mobile application to realize quicker, more accurate bar stocking, ideal inventory levels, and minimized loss due to waste and theft, BevIntel says.

• Infinite Peripherals, 2312 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, Ill. 60007; 800/278-7860;


Clearly aseptic

Ecolean AB is kicking off the new year with a new aseptic package: the Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear. This transparent, lightweight container makes the product inside visible to the consumer. By utilizing a combination of the package’s transparency and printability, the beverage-maker can control how much of the non-carbonated soft drink inside the package is visible in order to balance product insight with branding. As with all Ecolean packages, Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear has a low environmental impact. Once emptied, the pouch becomes flat, which results in less waste volume, the company says. Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear is available in 200- and 250-ml sizes and will make its debut during the first quarter of 2014.

• Ecolean AB, Kielergatan 48, P.O. Box 812, SE-251 08 Helsingborg, Sweden; 011/46-0-10-459-4000;


Disposable protective gown

PolyConversions Inc. introduced its PolyWear Personal Protective Disposable Gown.  Designed to replace traditional poly aprons and sleeves that are discarded after a single use, PolyWear Gowns offer an alternative by providing greater protective coverage while reducing the time of dressing in two sleeves and one apron, the company says. PolyWear Disposable Gowns feature a full-length open back design incorporating a tear-away feature for quick and easy removal. A contoured thumb loop secures gown sleeves under the employee’s protective gloves. Its one-piece construction with a single heat-sealed seam behind the sleeves adds additional protection by reducing the potential for pass-through of fluids and other contaminants. PolyWear Gowns are made of lightweight linear low polyethylene and are available in three sizes: regular, large and extra-large; two material textures: smooth and embossed; and six colors: light blue, opaque white, yellow, red, green and pink.  PolyWear Gowns are individually folded and packaged bulk or in compact dispenser boxes.

 • PolyConversions Inc., 505 Condit Drive, Rantoul, Ill. 61866; 888/893-3330;