Seattle’s Best Coffee, part of Starbucks Corp., Seattle, announced a new packaged coffee line organized under its Level System.
The Level System is organized with a sequence of numbers and vivid colors to communicate to consumers which type of coffee fits their taste profile. With the new Level System, consumers will be able to find and choose from a selection of Seattle’s Best Coffee blends that span a range from a mild, light and crisp Level 1 to a bold, dark and intense Level 5.
“The Level System represents a bold step forward in the packaged coffee category, and Seattle’s Best Coffee is leading the way,” said Michelle Gass, president of Seattle’s Best Coffee, in a statement. “We’re making it easy for consumers to find the coffee that’s right for them. For premium coffee drinkers, the Level System is a simple way to explore taste profiles and for mainstream coffee drinkers, it is an invitation to enter the premium coffee segment with confidence and ease.”
Seattle’s Best Coffee will begin distribution of the Level System packaged coffee line in grocery and retail stores in December. The new lineup will replace existing Seattle’s Best Coffee products on shelves. The Level System represents a move to bring simplicity to the coffee aisle, while growing the brand’s market share in the premium coffee segment, the company said.
In addition to Levels 1 through 5, consumers can choose from a Decaffeinated blend, an Organic Fair Trade Certified blend and flavored coffees, such as Cinnamon and Hazelnut.
Before the Level System, Seattle’s Best Coffee only offered choices in medium and dark ranges. By expanding its lineup and developing two new coffee blends and roasts, Level 1 and Level 2, Seattle’s Best Coffee is appealing to the growing base of consumers who enjoy a lighter blend, but might be looking to trade up in the premium segment, the company said.
“Ultimately, people select coffee based on taste and that can be hard to determine in today’s coffee aisle,” said Andrew Linnemann, director of green coffee quality for Starbucks Corp., in a statement. “Seattle’s Best Coffee is known for its smooth taste profile. Each Level has been sourced, blended and roasted with care and precision to meet consumers’ desire to simple enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee.”