Seattle’s Best Coffee, a part of Starbucks Corp., Seattle, introduced a new brand identity, including a new logo. The brand also will be available at AMC Theatres in July.

The new branding will play a key role in Seattle’s Best Coffee’s strategy to redefine the traditional conventions of the coffee category, the company said. Seattle’s Best Coffee’s new logo maintains the brand’s historic association with its name and the color red in combination with universal coffee symbols, such as a drop and cup.

The brand transformation of Seattle’s Best Coffee is being fueled by retail relationships and expanded franchising efforts that will increase from 3,000 points of distribution in early 2010 to more than 30,000 by the end of Starbucks’ fiscal year, the company said.

AMC’s nearly 300 movie theaters in the United States will begin serving Seattle’s Best Coffee in July. Almost 70 locations will serve espresso-based beverages as well, the company said. Seattle’s Best also will be offered at all Burger King restaurants in the United States by September.