Inko’s LLC, New York, developed a line of non-carbonated 25-calorie-per-serving white tea beverages packaged in 12-ounce cans intended for schools. The company created Inko’s Blueberry and Strawberry White Teas for New York City Public High School vending machines and ancillary commissaries, the company said.

New York City’s Department of Education maintains its own Wellness Code, which was updated last year, and limits beverages sold in schools to a maximum of 25 calories per 8-ounce serving and those that do not contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Also under the guidelines, beverages must not have a serving size limit.

“Since coming to market in 2002, our mission statement has been and always will be to bring the unique taste and healthy benefits of white tea to those who don’t want themselves and/or their children drinking sugar-laden beverages,” said Andrew Schamisso, founder and president of Inko’s White Tea. “Outside of water, we’re fortunate to be one of the few all-natural alternatives for the school market and, with regard to the Chancellor [of the Department of Education for the City of New York’s] groundbreaking and nation-leading Wellness Policy, we are proud to support the initiative with a product that provides 75 percent less calories than one typical can of soda.”

Inko’s worked closely with its primary vending customer CC Vending, Bronx, N.Y., to create the line that is intended for schools, vending machines and single-serve grab-and-go outlets, it said. In addition, the 12-ounce cans feature a graphic art can with a new logo created to appeal to a younger market, the company said.