Shiner’s non-alcoholic Rode0 line released a variety pack featuring Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew, Red Amber and Citrus Wit.

The six-pack non-alcohol variety pack contains two cans of each variety.

Shiner Rode0 Golden Brew is styled after a classic American lager. It offers crisp malty notes balanced by delicate esters and a gentle hop profile.

Shiner Rode0 Red Amber is styled after an amber ale. It offers a copper-red hue with toasted and caramel notes. It is malt-forward but balanced by gentle hopping.

Shiner Rode0 Citrus Wit is styled after a Belgian wit. It features a sweet, fuller-bodied profile with notes of orange zest. It's non-alcoholic with a depth of flavor and a crisp finish.

Shiner Rode0 Variety Pack features a suggested retail price of $11.99 for a six-pack.