An artist’s color palette lets creators arrange and mix colors to create layered color schemes for their art work. Although not having the same visual impact, the functional beverage market with its complex formulas are helping consumers further their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

One of the segments seeing a lift from this interest is detox beverages. A Market Research Future report titled “Detox Drinks Market Research Report” notes that portable nutritional drinks have become more popular as consumers seek alternatives to full-sugar drinks.

“Detox beverages are becoming increasingly popular among customers due to their all-natural composition and use of stevia as a sweetener,” the report states. “This primarily drives the expansion of the market CAGR for detox drinks.”

Brian Sudano, CEO at S&D Insights LLC, Norwalk, CT, notes that the segment has been challenged with the rise of GLP-1 weight management drugs as well as competitive functional beverages incorporating prebiotics, fiber and healthier hydration.

“The current estimated size of the U.S. market is around $4 billion,” Sudano says. “Projections are from 3% to 7% CAGR over the next seven years. The hyper growth that was driven by the pandemic leading to focus against enhancing immune system through diet has subsided with estimates of growth being moderated. As the market continues to see health and wellness fragmentation and growth, consumer pressure against detox beverage growth will persist.”

All shapes and sizes

The lack of a clear definition of what makes a product a detox drink has allowed the segment to see a diverse set of brands play in the space.

“The detox drinks market segmentation, based on product type includes water, juice, smoothies, tea and coffee and others,” Market Research Future’s report states. “The tea and coffee segment dominated the market. In Asia, detox tea and coffee are hugely popular, and they’re starting to spread to other countries, particularly in Europe.”

Detox beverages are in many forms including tea, juice (fruit and vegetable), plant-based waters, etc. The products include ingredients high in fiber and antioxidants.”
— Brian Sudano, CEO at S&D Insights LLC

S&D Insights’ Sudano also highlights the variety of formats in which detox beverages can be presented.

“Detox beverages are in many forms including tea, juice (fruit and vegetable), plant-based waters, etc.,” he says. “The products include ingredients high in fiber and antioxidants.”

The plethora of ingredients that can comprise a formulation also is noted by experts.

“Lemon juice, ginger, cilantro, tamarac, chlorophyll, cucumber and chia to name a few of the most common ingredients,” Sudano says.

Beyond health and wellness, beverage manufacturers also recognize the potential for functional beverages that help with the cleansing of blood alcohol content.

Juniper, FL-based Safety Shot Inc., a wellness and dietary supplement company, developed Safety Shot, a patented wellness product that lowers blood alcohol content by supporting its metabolism, while boosting clarity, energy and overall mood, it says.

A functional beverage crafted with Essential B vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and nootropics, Safety Shot recently announced that it will add a 4-ounce shot format for its formula in Q3 in convenience stores and liquor stores across the United States where Safety Shot is sold.

Soona Mushrooms juice shots
Functional food company So Good So You offers a range of immune-boosting probiotic juice shots. Image courtesy of Four So Good So You

“We are excited to offer our customers more convenient options to enjoy the benefits of Safety Shot,” said Josh Wagner, chief revenue officer of Safety Shot, in a statement. “Our new 4-ounce bottles are designed to fit seamlessly into any routine, ensuring that our customers can carry our revolutionary formula at ease, no matter where they are.”

Hydration platforms also are engaging the recovery space. Last spring BIOLYTE added the Punch variety to its lineup. With one bottle offering 6.5 times the amount of electrolytes as leading sports drinks and only one-third of the sugar, BIOLYTE delivers the same hydration benefits as a full, medical-grade IV bag, it says. BIOLYTE helps the body recover, replenish and rehydrate, whether battling symptoms of sickness like nausea, fatigue and aches, needing a detox from a night of overindulgence, or refueling after a sweaty workout, according to the company.

Whether for a health and wellness jumpstart or as a recovery solution, detox beverages have found a place in the beverage market as functional formulations are in demand.