Jones Soda Co. announced the launch of 7.5-ounce mini cans with its new Jones Mini product. Jones is selling Jones Mini in 700 Walmart stores nationwide, with more retailers to follow. 

Mini Jones is rolling out nationwide in its four top selling flavors: Root Beer, Orange & Cream, Berry Lemonade, and Cream Soda. The mini cans are caffeine free, ideal for school lunches, poolside, or occasions where glass bottles are not permitted, the company says. Jones will support the introduction of Mini Jones with an aggressive sampling campaign from its Cool bus, which will head to events and retailers throughout the summer, it adds.

“Jones Soda has hit a multitude of firsts in our industry. Today, we are the first craft soda brand to offer mini cans, a format which has been expanding in the grocery and club channels,” said David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda, in a statement. “Jones Minis continues our expansion and success into new beverage formats, and Jones’ new era as a high-growth beverage company.”

In addition to the launch of Mini Jones, Jones Soda has branched into alcohol and foodservice, including distribution through Dot Foods. The company also recently announced a multi-year partnership with Street League Skateboarding (SLS) to champion action sports and amplify the innovative spirit of SLS events, while expanding the Jones crossover cannabis brand, Mary Jones, into the ultra-popular HD-9 market.

“Jones fans were buzzing about Mini Jones the minute the product hit Walmart shelves. We are thrilled to see such a great and warm reception,” Knight said.

Jones plans to expand Mini Jones flavor selections and offer Canadian distribution in the fall.