JaM Cellars announced the expansion of its Butter line with two new wines: 2023 Butter Sauv Blanc and 2022 Butter Pinot Noir.

Butter Sauv Blanc and Butter Pinot Noir are the brand’s third extension of the Butter brand, following the release of Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles in early 2022 and the introduction of ButterCans Chardonnay in 2018 in a can.

“Since first releasing Butter Chardonnay over 10 years ago, the brand has created a lot of momentum and love. Butter drinkers have not been shy in telling us what they want,” said John Anthony Truchard, founder and CEO JaM Cellars, in a statement. “First it was convenience to take Butter on the go, so we made ButterCans — still the No. 1 selling Chardonnay in a can. Now people want the same quality, value, and simplicity of Butter Chardonnay in other varietals too. 

“Smooth Butter Cab and sparkling Butter Bubbles were released in 2022,” he continues. “New Butter Sauv Blanc and Butter Pinot Noir will deliver on that same promise of great, bold flavors at a terrific price point — you just have to look for the bright yellow Butter labels.”

Butter Sauv Blanc is refreshingly tropical, the company says. Made in the tradition of quality Californian winemaking, this Sauvignon Blanc is stainless-steel fermented at low temperatures to keep all its youthful fruitiness — each glass fills with zesty key lime, pineapple and papaya flavors that pop with a lovely clean finish, it notes.

Full of red berry notes, the Butter Pinot Noir is juicy, lush and bright, it says. Another reflection of California’s renowned winemaking traditions, these grapes are gently cold-soaked prior to fermentation to preserve vivid, red-fruit aromas of ripe strawberry and Bing cherry, the company says. Aging on French oak builds subtle depth adding vanilla spice with a velvety finish, it adds.

“The Butter label has come to stand for terrific quality that people can choose for any occasion. Initially it wasn't intuitive to put the Butter label on other varietals, but consumers are clearly letting us know that they love Butter's bold winemaking style and they want more,” said Michele Truchard, co-founder and the "M" in JaM Cellars. “We're very excited about the quality of these new wines and I'm looking forward to our Butter yellow labels standing out in the ‘sea of sameness’ of the wine aisle.”   

The new Butter Sauv Blanc and Butter Pinot Noir can be purchased in local grocery, convenience and liquor stores, as well as online by visiting the company’s website.