Jack Link’s, a leading provider of meat snacks, announced the launch of its latest innovation: Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mix. 

Infused with savory flavors and a kick of spices, the new mix is an ideal match for the brand’s beef sticks, the company says. 

The Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mix is available in three varieties:

•    Original: Bold yet approachable, Original balances tomato spices, natural heat and a hint of smoke flavor.

•    Dill: To ensure balance and drinkability, the pickle flavor is paired with smoky notes and robust tomato flavor, giving it a smooth and clean finish. 

•    Habanero: The heat builds yet is not overpowering based on the natural sweetness from the Habanero pepper. This blend is bold, while maintaining its approachable nature, the company says.

“We’re excited to introduce our new Bloody Mary Mix, a bold new addition to our lineup that brings together the best of both worlds — our iconic meat snacks and the classic Bloody Mary cocktail,” said Holly LaVallie, senior vice president of marketing for Jack Link’s, in a statement.

“After all, the only thing that makes our meat stick better is eating it with a Bloody Mary. With our unique blend of flavors including Original, Dill and Habanero, we’re confident that Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mix will become a staple at brunch tables and cocktail bars everywhere.”

Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mix now is available for purchase nationwide, including online by visiting the company’s website.