Warehouse Beverage Co., makers of WYNK and COUNTDOWN cannabis-infused beverages, announced the launch of COUNTDOWN ENERGY, a 10 mg, hemp-derived THC energy drink infused with 100 mg of caffeine.  

“This award-winning combination of caffeine and THC in COUNTDOWN ENERGY provides a great buzz for a wide variety of occasions, from a fun night out without the next-morning hangover, to an energizing and euphoric kick start to gaming session or outdoor sport,” said Angus Rittenburg, CEO of Warehouse Beverage Co., in a statement. 

 The all-natural, lightly carbonated drinks are sweetened with cane sugar and contain less than 50 calories in each can, the company notes. COUNTDOWN ENERGY drinks take effect in 10-15 minutes, and consumers can expect the buzz to last up to 90 minutes, it says.

 The three COUNTDOWN ENERGY flavors include:

●    Berry Force Energy: A Cosmic Collision of Raspberry, Cherry and Lime 

●    Cosmic Lemonade Energy: An Out-Of-This-World Lemonade

●    Orange Blast Energy: Interstellar Orange Sherbert 

COUNTDOWN ENERGY will be available for retail purchase in Ohio, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey in early April and online in 23 states, it notes.