Celestial Seasonings, a brand of Hain Celestial Group, announced a significant step forward in its commitment to improving the sustainability of its packaging. The global specialty tea brand no longer will include plastic overwrap on the boxes of more than 130 teas, a move estimated to eliminate up to 165,000 pounds of plastic waste from landfills in 2024 alone, based on Celestial Seasonings worldwide shipment volume in calendar year 2023. 

The removal of the overwrap is the equivalent of approximately 16,000 miles of plastic, or the distance it would take Sleepytime Bear, Celestial Seasonings’ beloved mascot, to travel from Boulder, Colo., to Australia and back.

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting step toward reducing our environmental footprint,” said Emily Rosen, marketing director at Celestial Seasonings, in a statement. “While we are removing the plastic overwrap from our boxes, we’re still delivering the same great taste that people expect when they enjoy our teas. It’s just one more way we’re providing magic in your mug.”

The impact of this crucial initiative extends beyond the reduction of plastic waste. Celestial Seasonings Tea’s unique string-less and tag-less pillow tea bags, paired with recyclable boxes, already save 3.5 million pounds of waste from landfills every year, based on Celestial Seasonings worldwide shipment volume in calendar year 2023.

Hain Celestial’s history is deeply rooted in nature. Founded in 1969 by young hikers who handpicked wild botanicals in the Rocky Mountains, Celestial Seasonings quickly became a pioneer in the natural and organic movement. Today, the brand continues to blend its teas using the highest quality ingredients that are non-GMO project verified and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. With more than 90 varieties, Celestial Seasonings serves 1.6 billion cups of tea annually and is sold on six of seven continents.

Celestial Seasonings is part of Hain Celestial Group's family of brands, whose commitment to sustainability is focused on progress in three key areas: Healthier Planet, Healthier Products, and Healthier People. By removing the plastic overwrap from Celestial Seasonings tea boxes, the brand is contributing to Hain Celestial’s progress towards its sustainable packaging goals, including eliminating excess packaging materials and increasing the recyclability of its packaging globally.